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Originally Posted by VeedubLove View Post
Afternoon all, I'm looking at buying a small holiday home in France and wondering if anyone has any experience.

Ideally I would like it around the Normandy area and a small holding with some land and outbuildings. Ideally I want it to be knackered so I can do it up.

Does anyone have any experience of what the costs are of living there such as local taxes (like our council tax) etc as the house will be standing empty quite a bit.

The idea is to buy now, do up over a few years then spend more time there in retirement.

Any advice or experience welcome, cheers!

I live in France - way south of Normandy though. There are a few other Brits who've moved to France on here too. I'm sure they'll be along with some advice if they have any.

You shouldn't have a problem finding a 'cheap' property - the French tend to build 'new' when couples get married etc. Consequentially there are usually lots of older properties available - and old farmhouses with big (often derelict) barns are abundant in France.

Here's a decent website to check prices: https://www.century21.fr/ - but there are many French 'Immobilier' (Estate Agent) websites - google is your friend here.

As for 'council tax' - at the minute in France it is split into two - a local tax and a national tax - both combined are usually a fair bit less than the UK equivalent. They are removing one of them shortly too - see:http://impotsurlerevenu.org/nouveaut...habitation.php or similar (you'll need a 'translation' webpage possibly.)

Also, forums like these are a lot of help to Brits in France:



And finally, France has a few 'English' newspapers for ExPats . . .



Do your homework first, ask questions on those forums etc. and BON CHANCE!

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