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Thanks for the responses all it is very much appreciated.

At the moment my French is basic so a good place to start - I don't want to be seen as a tourist that expects everyone to communicate in English so I intend to get that sorted.

House and land wise I don't need/want a massive house but something of decent size with plenty of outbuildings to convert etc. This certainly isn't to make money from (which seems to be a complete no no with French property) but with the idea of supplying a basic income in the future.

Gites to rent and some space for camping would be idea and I have been doing a lot of reading on the restrictions around that.

Started looking on-line at some properties and we are over in a few months so will ideally see some in the flesh then as well. Work wise the company I work for has offices in france but ideally I want to jack all of that in and just work for myself.
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