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ta for that john,glad to see my photos were usefull!i will see if i can find some more!i certainly recruited some people guerrila style as you will vouch for,if i saw a vee dub,i would pull them over,and if it was on the driveway,i would knock on the door....no one was safe...lol...and i certainley fixed,my fair share...i can remember lowering andys 1303 at half even in the morning before we drove to santa pod!when i had my 205 gti..and they way i met you was through your dad!i went down the scrappers(your dad)and was after a set of calipers..my son has a set of those he said...deal done and met you!i virtually abducted ben with the baja..do you remember guy and lee from brandleshome road?i rebuilt there pink beetle...
oh the stories i can tell!lol...Tim aka sidewayssam...probably the only person who was always sideways round halford roundabout!!!!
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