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Originally Posted by SlamBam View Post
Goodwood was smashing - great day.

The clutch that Pete took out of the car was in pieces. As he picked it up in front of me 4 of the 6 rivet heads fell off from under where the arms are attached. Springs from the arms all over the place. We thought it was the release bearing that was the problem but that was fine and it was the clutch that was goosed! Surprising as it was supposed to be a new one only 2 months ago.

So we had to get another new clutch and Pete sorted it out. The clutch cable had been over adjusted by quite a bit and I'm now not certain it was a new clutch at all.

I'm quite pissed off about it all as I also paid for a full engine service. What I received amounted to an oil change, points & plugs. Fair to say it won't be going back.

Great service from Pete though, spent a full day sorting it all out and showed me a few basic things about servicing it myself. V.pleased - although broke down on the way to Goodwood as part of the arm off the carb snapped and I lost throttle. Borrowed some tools from a local and got to Goodwood, later I acquired a hex nut from one of the mechanics in the paddock to secure the throttle cable to get us home.
good to hear you got sorted out, eventually.

What carb are you running? I have a spare carb that I am keeping for bits, you would be welcome to pop round and see if you can get the replacement for the bit that broke.
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