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Originally Posted by 1Dub View Post

Travelling with the wife, 2 teenage kids and a dog, we used to pull a trailer with most of the gear but when the chance came to buy a puck for a good price we jumped at the chance. So now the eldest has moved from the awning to the puck and we have more storage which we can leave in the puck without needing to empty the trailer.

The van has a 1600 with twin carbs and has no problem at all towing the puck. We have other VW's including a '65 Beetle and a '76 Westy trailer but I can say the Puck is one of the best additions yet
You have more passengers than me! I fancy a Puck for when we go away for longer periods to give us a bit more space. We are finding the awning a bit of pain! On shorter stays I prefer to use the van as it is. I guess the Puck is a bit of a luxury for us but as you know from your purchase, good early Pucks, hold their value well so if it doesn't work out they sell fairly easily.

My bus also has a 1600 with twin carbs so your experience towing with your VW's is encouraging. Of course the naysayers tell me that towing with a bus is a disaster!

Many of the replies on the caravan forums were along the following lines -

the plots usually accomodate the caravan and the towing car which, in your case, happens to be a camper van. On some very small sites the caravanners have been asked to park their towing vehicles in a separate car park having set up. Most of the sites state this clearly on their web sites. Alot of the caravanners tell me that they would avoid a site that enforced this policy.

I'm new to all this camping malarky but last year we stayed at Woods Farm site in Charmouth. Very nice site in an immaculate order. All of the pitches are large and have a gravel area and grassy part. I took my T2 bay and an awning. The white box caravans were bloody huge and had awnings that were equally big. The tow cars were all on the same plot - no problems at all as long as you observe the fire rules/lanes that are clearly obvious. My search for sites in the UK this year has turned up with similar rules so I can't see it being a problem. Not looked at Europe this year but am taking my bus and awning to France in June so will find out what the score is over there.

Hope that is some help. I've not got a Puck yet but would be good if you update this thread with how you get on?

Got any pics of your Puck and tow car?
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