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Currently I am missing many engine parts and although I could swop them over from the current engine I would rather build this engine as a completely separate unit.
The only parts coming over from the existing build are the heads and valve train as i've already invested time in porting them plus they retail at over 300 a piece.
The main missing parts that I need are:

Clutch assembly.
Pulley wheel.
Oil Pump.

Currently I run a stock 1.9 setup for the flywheel and clutch.
This is a 215mm unit and has worked well, but it's only really designed to handle 80hp rather than the 120hp currently running through it.
The stock 2.1 setup is 228mm and won't fit a T1 gearbox without some serious grinding work.
Getting good stock flywheels is tough these days so you can now buy new units made in China that are QA'd in the states via AA Performance.
In addition to stock sizes there are some 200mm units and also lightened units.
Personally i'm dubious of anything made outside of a vw factory and after some research the horror stories start to emerge regarding these flywheels.
Some have bolted them up only to find they don't fit perfectly central making them an expensive paperweight.
As I understand AA Performance have now solved this but working for a company that imports from China I know they will take every opportunity to cut corners.
I just don't want the hassle and worry about this.

Lucky for me I found the holy grail of vw t25 flywheels - a type 4 200mm NOS unit.

Also purchased was a matching 200mm stage 2 Kennedy pressure plate and a needle bearing for the center.

This units are factory balanced but I plan to have this plus the flywheel, crank and pulley wheel properly balanced.

To run a wbx engine with a type 1 gearbox you have to solve a minor issue with the shaft support.
On a type1 engine you have a central gland nut fitted with a needle bearing inside.
On a type 25 engine you have a longer gearbox central shaft that sits nicely inside the crank which has a needle bearing.
To get round this issue you need to fit a needle bearing inside the flywheel.

A couple of washers with a bolt presses it in nicely.

Next is to start checking components before the build.
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