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Yesterday I phoned James @ Stateside for a little chat about by build options.
Perhaps it would have been wiser to start with this phone call
As with many things on the internet (bloke down the pub) you can't always take things on face value, so it was good to talk to someone who clearly knows his stuff.

It seems the oem flywheel I have is actually cast not forged and a little tapping with a spanner confirms this.
This is not really a huge problem but it does mean lightening is not a option.
He does a forged lightened flywheel for 190 so I plan to return the oem flywheel in favor of a forged unit.

I was hoping with this engine to have a wider rev range up to around 6k.
James can supply a set of recon vw units, balanced with new little ends and new bolts.
Uprated bolts on stock rods are limited and not really in my price range for what I want.
Alternatively he does a full set of H beams, again balanced and with arp bolts.
Cost wise i'm looking at 145 for the refurbs or 360 for the H beams.
It would be nice to uprate to the H beams but in reality this engine will be in a street car with no clutch dumping or sustained high revs.

He also offers a 4 dowel option on the flywheel/crank as extra insurance against unexpected detachment but again it's not really going to be necessary IMO.

So, one flywheel, set of refurbed rods and a dynamic balance seems to be the correct choice.

Got the engine case back from a chemical clean but it still has varnish in places that won't come off.
This weekend I'll be checking over the new cam bearings and hoping for a better result than last time
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