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Last night I sorted out the cam thrusts.
Because I decided to use twin thrust bearings there was the issue of the locating tang on the second one.
The case only has a tang on one side so either you file off the tang on the bearing or cut a new locating groove in the case.
I chose the later as it seemed a better idea.
Out with a file and after some careful work the bearing fits nice and snug.

Once again the thrust bearings where splaying out so more sanding was required.
Finally I managed to get the end float to just over 1 thou, which will do fine.

The cam bolts have been slightly filed down to give a touch more clearance and I need to check again with the pump body in place and the bolts are torqued up.
Further to this I want to close the case and make sure both the cam end float is the same and also that the bearings don't distort.
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