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Originally Posted by clarkson View Post
TBH mine has only got a 16GB eMMC and I have never used it, aside from a custom wallpaper there is nothing on it. The chrome cache is mapped directly to Google Drive and any user files go direct to OneDrive, which in turn is synced to my Linux Desktop which in turn is synced with a 2TB HDD on my router. It's crude, but it works.
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For most people, they don't have a server, or stuff at home they need to connect to, and having a serverless environment for a lot of folks, provided they have the connectivity, a Chromebook is a great tool though.

I'll be honest, years of working in IT has sort of made me incredibly skeptical about cloud computing and subscription to what you need, but the industry is slowly (and I'm glad of this) moving to a user centric, identity based setup, and while I like to keep my own stuff on my own tin, I could go server-less tomorrow if I wanted to, as could most people.
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