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I see 'dub' people!!!
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Originally Posted by sidewaysam View Post
ta for that john,glad to see my photos were usefull!i will see if i can find some more!i certainly recruited some people guerrila style as you will vouch for,if i saw a vee dub,i would pull them over,and if it was on the driveway,i would knock on the door....no one was safe...lol...and i certainley fixed,my fair share...i can remember lowering andys 1303 at half even in the morning before we drove to santa pod!when i had my 205 gti..and they way i met you was through your dad!i went down the scrappers(your dad)and was after a set of calipers..my son has a set of those he said...deal done and met you!i virtually abducted ben with the baja..do you remember guy and lee from brandleshome road?i rebuilt there pink beetle...
oh the stories i can tell!lol...Tim aka sidewayssam...probably the only person who was always sideways round halford roundabout!!!!
Good to see you on here Tim....

Ironically and not surprisingly, it was Tim who introduced me to BugNutz.

Prior to that time I was rolling in this as my college ride along side a Renault 5 Turbo....dont ask!...the year was 1989.

It was in that summer, I was busy tinkering outside the family home with the bug, when 2 young chaps in a beige metro pulled up and asked if I needed a hand.
Needless to say I thought they where joking looking at the state of their ride. Ironically, these 2 lads turned out to be the owners of the said (Raspberry) pink beetle Tim has mentioned.

That pink beetle in question, the owners ended up being some of my best mates i.e. Lee and Guy (Guy being BIG [email protected] [email protected] on here ), I also own all the 1776 engine bits for said beetle minus the carbs.

It was at this time i.e. the birth of BugNutz, that I was halfway through rebuilding the bug and thus never got to a meet with it at the Flying Shuttle/Sparkling Clog, but nevertheless, I turned up a few times and remember some of crew John has mentioned.

This is me doing some of the usual repairs on my bug in the early part of 1990 prior to starting Uni.....

I started Uni in Hull, late Summer of 1990 and still hadn't finished the bug, however, that Xmas saw it MOT'd, taxed and insured the morning of my new term start and this is how we rolled.....

....this is how I rolled in Hull and to and from Manchester, until that fateful day where in Hull, I had an electrical malfunction prior to the Summer break and where the bug stayed until trailered back to Manchester at the end of Summer break.

I subsequently sold the bug onto a mate and Bury lad (Wilky) who redid it, as the bug had sat for a year or so on the lawn at my parents house and started to go again.

Here it is, next to the Batten-burg bus in metallic malina blue......

and in a cruise to see the Volksmaniacs some years ago....

Just my 2p's worth peeps.

www.bugnutz.com the award winning club, Deva 09, VWNW 12, Best Club Display!!!..

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'The force is strong in this one!'

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