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Originally Posted by berti View Post
Now I don't want to sound like a bitter ex customer trying to destroy a company's reputation so I will keep this short.
I took out fully comprehensive insurance on my beloved splitscreen camper with Lancaster Insurance in October and 150 for the year seemed quite reasonable.
I disclosed the value as 20k and asked for the agreed valuation forms.

I filled out the forms and sent them away, they came back a short while later with an agreed value of 25k. I never thought much of this until I received my termination of insurance letter by post and email. I called Lancaster Insurance to find out why this had been sent and they explained they would now like the camper garaged.....As I could not build a garage in the week or so time scale they gave me they said they had no option but to cancel my policy. I asked could I have the original value of 20k and stay with them but they refused. They said a refund would follow .... I waited about a month then rang up they explained I had about 4 something due back but they don't issue refunds so small!! I asked for the break down and they claim due to cancellation charges no refund is due.

So to sum up 150 for 3 months insurance on a camper parked up not being used for winter is NOT value for money. Once more being a committee member of a VW club with over 100 members in the NW
I will ensure I spread the word of Lancaster Insurances excellent customer service.
Hi Berti,

It was good to catch this morning and I'm pleased that we were able to discuss this issue and reach an amicable solution.

I hope that we will be able to quote you again in the future.

Best wishes

Andrew Misseldine
Car Club Relationship Manager
Tel: 07788 367186
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