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VZi Small Business Forum Volkszone has many entrepreneurs, self-employed and those who run their own companies. Please use this forum to ask (and answer) any small business related questions - employment law, tax laws, insurance, marketing, council rates, etc. Please DO NOT use it to tout for business or to plug your own company (please use the Yellow Pages forum for this) - any blatant 'plug' posts will be deleted and the posters may be reprimanded further. This is the ONLY warning you will receive - the idea is to help each others' businesses, not to take advantage - so please play nice.

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Lazy Bug'er
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Default A question for Self Employed or Sole Traders.

I'm having a good think about quitting my job and setting up in a business on my own , providing maintenance of ventilation systems in direct competion with one department of my current employer.

My current employer changes 550-685 per day, I could charge almost half of this and still make a decent living. With this in mind and the fact I have the most technical experience in the small company it would be very difficult for them to compete.

Of course it won't be easy from a standing start and as a lot of the parts and software are proprietary sourcing them may be difficult, although these can be purchased from other suppliers.

There are a few sticking points regarding parts supply and software as this is devoloped by a team in head office, Denmark, however I'm pretty sure I could get around this.

One thing I'm not to sure about is the insurance/health and safety side. I'd be working in public buildings such as schools/colleges and offices. Does anyone have any experience of this from a self employed point of view, writing their own risk assessments etc along with Public liability insurance and all that stuff? To be honest our health and safety policy's are a complete joke but people seem to accept them, just not sure if they'd accept the same from a sole trader?

If you have any experience of carrying out maintenance in schools, offices etc I would be grateful if you were to share your experience?

Thanks in Advance

Oh and I wrote this on my phone so apologies if in places it doesn't make sense
Some things take a little longer than expected!
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Brian Burrows

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If they accept your current employer's H&S/Risk Assessment - there's no reason why they shouldn't accept a 'copy' made by yourself.

You should message fuchs lee on here regarding third party/public liability insurance - He will steer you on the right track.

Good luck with it.
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fuchs lee
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Thanks Brian,

Hi Tim,

I'm available for a chat on 01621 876030.

You'll need at least 5M public liability to work in schools and premiums are on the rise as claims do tend occur in your field.

Insurers will expect you to carry out a risk assessment on each site. The content and what you actually check is down to you but you'll be able to find examples on google.

Give me a call and I can run through a quote for you.

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Originally Posted by Lazy Bug'er View Post
My current employer changes 550-685 per day, I could charge almost half of this and still make a decent living.
Are you 100% sure of that? I'm sure you're aware but there are a huge amount of less obvious costs involved in self employment/running your own business that you may or may not have considered, just a thought!

Best of luck with it!
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