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Old 12-06-2019, 11:08 AM   #11
not quite in ghia
I really must get out more
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Originally Posted by Grizz View Post
[quote author="@strikey" source="/post/2511303/thread" timestamp="1560099245"]might the replacement be green?
I personally love Green yes.

Question though.....

Is this green ??

More importantly, how do we get it here from Lithuania?

Or is this green 😁

So once the Blazer rides off into the sunset..........

Who knows.[/QUOTE]

green as in the off road LTD? that's awesome also love the ford wagon on that episode
Too much on and not enough time
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Just adding these two random clips.

Blazer still for sale, and more importantly, tyre kicking etc.

One clip of wasting fuel on my drive.

And this one made this morning when mate Kerry came to drop off some stuff for me.

I had to force him to drive the Blazer (NOT)

The guy is a gentle driver.
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Chat Slapper

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I have to say I think Grizz is underselling this old wagon. His ad makes it sound like it needs a mixture of time / attention / cash but in all honesty, it doesn’t.

I was really surprised when I saw it for the first time in the flesh yesterday, especially after following his build thread for ages.

I was expecting something tatty and worn – a rolling project, but it isn’t that at all.

Bodywork isn’t perfect with a polished mirror finish paint job, but then this isn’t a 20k truck!

What it is, is straight, tidy and very presentable, and not to say a little bit imposing due to the width of the damn thing!
Inside is a really nice place to be. Great driving position, fabulous all round visibility, comfortable and everything actually works – rare for a Yank!
If we ever get a summer then you and a few mates can take the back off for a whole new experience.
When Grizz started her up she fired right up, no nasty noises or leaks and that V8 burble is awesome. That said, when driving it’s pretty civilised and quiet in the cab – engine noise is nice but unobtrusive, road noise is quiet for such a big beast.

In short, this is the sort of motor you need to see in the flesh to properly gauge it.

Yes Rian is a mate, but I’d say this was a good, honest old thing which has had money spent in the right places and I think it’s a lot of bang for your buck!
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