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Machine 7, high quality air-cooled  restoration and performance parts
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Originally Posted by lamby1992 View Post
...and I also like reading.
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Originally Posted by lamby1992 View Post
Hayden lamb
Date of birth 12/03/1992
37 Standford drive, Leftwitch cw98dq
Phone 10606 42449 mobile 07530950829
Email Lil_hayd AT hotmail.co.uk
To train and become qualified as a skilled motor vehicle technician.
Mid-Cheshire college, Hartford diploma in
• Foundation engineering level 1
• Level 1/2 Bricklaying
County high school Leftwitch northwitch
• D to B in Art, Maths, Science, English, Religious studies and Electronics.
Work experience
Spans garage, white gate
Work experience 2010-present
One day a week a attend Spans garage doing voluntary work I have become confident at working on cars and motorcycles they also ask me to work extra days when I am not at college. 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
PAL building services, middlewich
Worked Saturday and Sunday while attending college, worked 6 days a week in the summer holidays. 9 am to 5.30 pm
Martins newsagents leftwitch paper boy
Started 6 am to 8 am 7 days a week
I have been restoring early 70’s Volkswagen beetle and I also like reading.
the cv is a good start, but you need to flesh it out a lot more, add detail about work experience/ jobs, what your role was and main duties.

for example paperboy, main duties include sorting out papers that are required for the round, and ensuring that the papers are delivered in a timely fashion and in a condition that is acceptable to the household, working 7 days a week, in all seasons and weather conditions.

Also what are your key skills and attributes, that you would bring to your employer, plus a personal statement at the top of the cv helps as well. here is mine from an old cv.


An outgoing and active member of any team, experienced in customer’s services with a retail and insurance background. Conscientious and is committed to the highest standards of customer services. Eager to learn new skills and adapt to bright and exciting challenges in any environment."

also list your school grades and the pass mark you got next to it, as it isn't clear what grade you got for which subject.

as i said you have got the fundamentals right in the cv, just more weight needs to be added to it.
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the main problem with apprentice CV's is that they are quite blank. as you have experience of work this will make you more employable. your CV is your advert. look on line for CV samples and templates. make it stand out. emphasis must be on your strengths, willing to learn, ability to follow instructions etc etc.
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On a slightly different note.

Handing your CV to a potential employer is fine. Posting too much personal information on a public forum is maybe asking for trouble. There is enough information in your post for certain individuals to use to their advantage in a criminal way.

You have received sound advice, but it may be wise for you now to edit your CV post.

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I to am at college just finished my first year doing Entry Level 3, And you do mechanics, bodywork, valeting all in one. (This course was something that the goverment came up with ) As i was meant to go onto level 1 at first Much prefered the mechanic side

Sent a C.V to a Bmw,Audi,Mini specialists near me found it through the tutors at college, It's been 3 weeks probably now, I rang them up and got abit more info of them they are waiting on funding from the goverment which is probaby unlikely as my dad couldnt get funding for my cousin who was learning to be a welder.

So is this this what it's like with the goverment now with company's trying to get funding??
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Or you can do what i've done..its a tougher route but I retrained to be a welder, after 10 years in call centres. I'm 32 so an apprenticeship wasn't an option, so I paid for my courses (well the wife did as she went back to full time work to support us) and I did self employed work on the side to get extra pennies.

I've done my level 2, and am halfway through my level 3 in welding and fab. 2 weeks ago I started my first job - so I'm now employed as a MIG welder making steel cages for construction - its dirty, hard physical work, but I love it.

I get a better rate of pay than the apprentices on my course (some of them are on slave wages) and work are fine with me starting back at college in September doing the one day a week I need to finish up my course. (which I'll pay for out of my own pocket). Yeah this is just a temp job - but we've been told the work should be there until summer next year...

The self employed stuff is what got me the job I (then I proved myself by passing the weld test) - the call centre stuff was useless so got missed off my CV. It was like being at square one despite having worked since I was 17.

Its not an easy route, financially its really tough but its paid off. Check with local colleges - there may be fee reductions due to income or age (I got my first year free due to us being on working family tax credit and under a threshold amount).

The fact you've been committed enough to sort your own training out may just tip the balence for an employer - prove that its something you really want.

(BTW i'm not saying you should be a welder - I meant to apply this to your own career goals!)
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how did he stand out?
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May I suggest anyone wishing to do an apprenticeship register their details on the AVOL (apprenticeship vacancies online). It's a matching service free to candidates and businesses.

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As much as I agree that first impressions count and Lamby should proof read his posts to look professional, people must also understand that there are people who have dyslexia and most companies will be equal opportunity employers and have functioning equality and diversity policies, and will take dyslexia etc into account.
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if you realise you have dyslexia, what's stopping you asking someone without dyslexia to proof read it?
My Early Bay resto thread

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