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Machine 7, high quality air-cooled  restoration and performance parts


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Machine 7, high quality air-cooled  restoration and performance parts
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Chat Virgin

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Hello and welcome - have you looked in the WIKI yet? or the first post in this section on diesel engine upgrades?
good choice on upgrade option, you will need a few bits however...
the sump on the 1.7D (KY?) doesn't have a turbo oil return connection - you can get a JX (1.6TD) sump or a kit a brickwerks to tap your existing sump
exhaust manifold and turbo arrangement may not work - could foul the nearside engine mount or stud pattern may not be the same (check - there are 3 or 4 stud types i believe) some people use a JX exhaust manifold here too. not sure about upgraded turbo, my standard aaz one is fine.
exhaust fabrication might be required if you're swapping turbo's etc. ideally something 2" and straight through is what you want, can use a JX setup if needs be but your 1.7D will not cut it
If the 1.7D inlet manifold is anything like my old 1.6D then you will need a JX setup here too

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Chat Virgin

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Hi Spanner boy....you have been recommended to me from a few people on FB T25 forum...I am after a quote for doing a Subaru 2.5 conversion on my T25 water cooled caravelle please. What is a rough guess for this to be done if I supply motor and wiring etc ? Is the 2.5 a good one to do ? Or would you recommend another option..thanks
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Chat Virgin

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Originally Posted by SPANNERBOY View Post
I am just finishing an auto at the moment,it is my first one so we are taking it slow and making sure it is right,we have upgraded the cooling and fitted a an external cooler,finding the fittings has proved trying.

We have rebuilt the box as the clutches struggled as a 2,5 has gone in this one,it wasnt as expensive as I thought as well(580) that was to replace all the clutches.

I have also bought a dud second hand box to play with the governor and get it changing gear later.

The inital experience was good,I have made a hybrid throttle cable utilising one of rjes's one with and a scooby one.this allows the kick down to be used,although to be honest with 175 bhp you realy dont need it.

With an auto the only option is to use an adaptor plate,I use ds tunings one although kenedy do one to,but the rest of the parts are rjes.

I will update as it goes on,but your are welcome to come down for a ride in it when it is done,although there will only be a small window as the customer will want it back asap
I'm assuming that is a scooby conversion ? I'm also running a T25 1.9 auto, as a DG it is guttless, and I'm getting tired of being in the front of a long queue, and struggling to over take a tractor, so I'm looking for more power combined with better fuel economy, what engine would you recommend, petrol or diesel ??????
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Chat Virgin

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I have a T25 1.9 DG Caravelle 78PS, Petrol engine, 1985 reg on a B plate (Watercooled). The engine still seems quite good at present, but I may need to have a fair amount of work done in the not too distant future, as the original water pipes are very corroded at the back end, and gearbox is a bit dicky and occasionally jumps out of first. Also, we had to get a guy we know to weld the engine around where the manifold hits the exhaust as the last person that had it tried to do the exhaust himself and ended up shearing off the bolts in two places and breaking off part of the housing. (It's still holding well, so hopefully will do for a while)! However it cruises well at 60 for miles and miles, and still goes fairly easily up to 75+ on good roads (but I don't hold it at that for long). It still pulls away well, and generally only struggles a little uphill, unless they are very steep and very long (some area's of Wales and Peak District etc).

My question(s) then would be :

As I am getting a return of about 23 mpg at present, would it be worth getting a modern engine to put in it when things start to go wrong?

What sort of mpg do folks generally get when they have put newer engines in?

And approx. what cost am I looking at - all in? In an earlier post it said about 4k so I am wondering if it would be worth it in the longer term. We are in our 50's and intend to keep this for a good while to enjoy our adventure before dementia!

btw - its the original engine and it only has 43K miles on clock. MOT history supports this also, so is it likely to be correct?

Any idea's and thoughts I would be grateful.... cheers... J

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Which engine conversion would best suit the type 25 automatic gearbox.How much work would be needed to fit a Audi 5 pot?

The creator of the Evil Herbie (ex Turbothomas, now owned by SuperBee).

1991 T25 Vanagon & Seat Arosa 1.0 S

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