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Chat Virgin

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Originally Posted by flc View Post
Iíve worked in maintenance for the last 30 years and it never changes, your in front so have five( rough with the smooth) and get accused off being lazy, you have a few breakdowns at the same time and now your incompetent. Most of the time we now do ppm inspections ,find faults,report issues and offer solutions or tell the bosses x or y is about to go and get ignored until the faults become a major Ďproduction Ď affecting issue. Then itís our fault and your expected to not have lunch or go home till itís fixed with parts they didnít order ( too expensive) my old mentor used to say we (maintenance) are seen as the festering abscess that wonít heal up �� and over the years Iíve worked in loads of different industries and they all the same. These days shifts are crazy Iíve managed to find a days based job (rare) in a glassworks close to home so Iím putting up with it
I could have wrote all of the above myself! Amazed at the exact details.
Our ppm sheets are duplicated, and faults listed remain as faults, but should the plant fail, they trawl through all the old ppmís and try to pin it on something you might have overlooked.
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I've been in maintenance engineering for 10 years now...
Last 4 years on shift on my own. 2 days, 2 nights, 4 off. 12 hr shifts

When the shit hits the fan, I'm slaving away for hours, often in 40ļC+ with steam (up to 45 bar) , syrups, chemicals and god knows what else... Not a person in sight.
Get caught in the mess room at 8:50 and someone goes moaning to the office full of managers.
No spares, no time to fix it properly, no help.
I love it (genuinely!)
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Bugsy_Malone 666
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Maintenance engineer is a bit of a loose term and it entirely depends on the line of work.

I have decided the issue with most jobs is management dont know enough about what they are managing.

So if you have someone who was maintenance who became management, theory says they should know enough to be firm about why things are needed.

Modern HR is also a big stumbling block for employing the right person, everything is so caught up in rules and regulations it actually loses sight of whats trying to be achieved. The HR people often have no idea about what they are recruiting for.

My Job title is 'mechanical and electrical engineer'. The realistic point is that essentially I am a manager of contractors, my job is to communicate maintenance problems to management, I also do light maintenance like repairs lights, fixing small equipment and so on. The actual requirement for my job is way beyond what you would get if you employed a maintenance engineer, as I have to understand how all heating/airconditioning systems work on the sites I look after, IT Network infrastructure, AV, repairing small equipment the list goes on and basically it boils down to management not understanding enough and trying to cut corners.

The second short and long of whats going on, if a team is short staffed and they 'manage' it then becomes the norm, a cost saving and a bonus for someone in management.

Then turning the issue on its head, if I was to leave my job and apply for a job being a mechanical and electrical/maintenance engineer, the list of qualifications I'd need means I couldnt do the same job, even though I most likely know enough to do the job.

The problems we suffer with staffing(I work in facilities so we have alsorts of sub departments)is that we have to justify to our client why we cost as much as we do, staff wages are always the first thing to come under fire, because finance people dont often understand why costs happen and why you need so many staff. The next problem is competitive pay, the grass is always green on the other side they say, but lets face it if you were going for a cleaning job thats minimum wage or one thats about 2.50 more an hour, which would you take if they were close to each other on the same business park? Works out fine until you find that more pay is because its a slightly longer and less sociable shift.

As for doing an apprenticeship and not being trained well enough, essentially the actual training starts when you do the job. You learn more on the actual job than you do 'learning' about the job.
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Originally Posted by Sol Ford View Post
It looks like he was cut out for it.
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