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Duble agent V.W.Ford
Help! I'm trapped in here
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Sorry to say, I didn't know him but saw his username plenty of times.
Farewell Mr Soreheed, my thoughts go out to your family.
It's official, I'm a clueless idiot.
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Help! I'm trapped in here

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I'm not an addict... honest!
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Ahhh R.I.P dude, condolences to all family and friends
Originally Posted by spelllbound View Post
you look like Ray Winstone :D
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Sad times.

He was someone who offered his knowledge to others freely and with good grace and humour.

RIP Soreheed
I think you need to lay off those Blue Smarties....
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I had the privilege of meeting Kenny and becoming mates with him, although not seen him for a good while now!!

Used to meet with him at the club nights for a pint and a natter and he was up at my house giving me shit for not working on my bus!! We bought and sold from each other and he was always a gentleman and a good laugh to be around!!

Really thinking of his family at this time.

Rest easy big man, there's no many like ye!!
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Help! I'm trapped in here
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Met him a few times, he did some plumbing work for me when I first bought my flat. Price was far too cheap to be worth his while but it helped me out massively. And he later did a bathroom for us.

He was good guy and a good laugh on the few occasions I met him.
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