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Help! I'm trapped in here
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the consumers choice
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Help! I'm trapped in here
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As the aim of timing is to get the best out of your engine, and because there are lots of variables which determine where the best timing exists - I always go and test it on the road. Find a long hill with more or less fixed gradient. Try running up the hill at a fixed and known throttle openning, do it again and agin with slightly diferent distributor locations you will fin dthe best position. I have a local hill which I use and using this method got speed from 40mph to just over 50mph by moving away by aparently 5degrees from the 'ideal'.
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The mystery explained:

TDC is not marked, the other two notches are 5 and 7∞C BTDC. Vacuum advance only distributor. The root of the problem was that the wire connecting the base plate to the body of the dizzy was broken. With a replacement distributor and the engine timed to 7∞ BTDC the engine runs sweet!
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