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The Gallery - VZi Arts & Photography Want to learn how to take photos? How to get started Pinstriping or Airbrushing or Tattoos? Or do you just want to display your artwork or photos? Camera questions and information too.

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Default Photo Challenge 2018 - List of Weekly Challenges, FAQ, Guide and Rules.

Another year, another set of challenges!

A subject that has repeatedly come up on these threads is people not returning to vote. Although we all appreciate that things get in the way, we hope you can all try your best to make sure that if you enter, you return to vote!

Remember, photos must have been taken this year (2018)

VZi Photo Challenges 2018

#484 3rd Jan - 9th Jan 'SHINY' - Karmann_65

#485 10th Jan - 16th Jan 'PEOPLE' - Karmann_65

#486 17th Jan - 23rd Jan 'THE END' - jpgreenwood

#487 24th Jan - 30th Jan 'MONEY' - Karmann_65

#488 31st Jan - 6th Feb 'COLD' - jpgreenwood

#489 7th Feb - 13th Feb 'ROUND' - slim_adi

#490 14th Feb - 20th Feb 'UP' - slim_adi

#491 21st Feb - 27th Feb 'DOWN' - jpgreenwood

#492 28th Feb - 6th Mar 'ROUGH' - Karmann_65

#493 7th Mar - 13th Mar 'SMOOTH' - jpgreenwood

#494 14th Mar - 20th Mar 'STREET' - jpgreenwood

#495 21st Mar - 27th Mar 'WET' - Karmann_65

#496 28th Mar - 3rd Apr 'BLUE' - jpgreenwood

#497 4th Apr - 10th Apr 'ROADS' - Greg McD

#498 11th Apr - 17th Apr 'GREEN' - Nik da Greek

#499 18th Apr - 24th Apr 'LIGHTS' - jpgreenwood

#500 25th Apr - 1st May 'YELLOW' - Karmann_65

#501 2nd May - 8th May 'ANIMAL' - the13thduke

#502 9th May - 15th May 'BLACK AND WHITE' - the13thduke

#503 16th May - 22nd May 'REFLECTION'

#504 23rd May - 29th May 'STRAIGHT LINES'

#505 30th May - 5th Jun 'CURVES'

#506 6th Jun - 12th Jun 'THREE'

#507 13th Jun - 19th Jun 'INDUSTRY'

#508 20th Jun - 26th Jun 'SEASIDE'

#509 27th Jun - 3rd Jul 'COUNTRYSIDE'

#510 4th Jul - 10th Jul 'CONTRAST'

#511 11th Jul - 17th Jul 'ABANDONED'

#512 18th Jul - 24th Jul 'CLOSE UP'

#513 25th Jul - 31st Jul 'MUSICAL'

#514 1st Aug - 7th Aug 'LARGE Vs SMALL'

#515 8th Aug - 14th Aug 'WORD ON THE STREET'

#516 15th Aug - 21st Aug 'VINTAGE'

#517 22nd Aug - 28th Aug 'MODERN'

#518 29th Aug - 4th Sep 'GRAFFITI'

#519 5th Sep - 11th Sep 'FAMILY'

#520 12th Sep - 18th Sep 'HOT'

#521 19th Sep - 25th Sep 'SQUARE'

#522 26th Sep - 2nd Oct 'FOOD N DRINK'

#523 3rd Oct - 9th Oct 'TREES'

#524 10th Oct - 16th Oct 'STEPS'

#525 17th Oct - 23rd Oct 'SPORT'

#526 24th Oct - 30th Oct 'INKED '

#527 31st Oct - 6th Nov 'BRIDGE'

#528 7th Nov - 13th Nov 'CREATIVE'

#529 14th Nov - 20th Nov 'ILLUMINATED'

#530 21st Nov - 27th Nov 'SHOP'

#531 28th Nov - 4th Dec 'PORTRAIT'

#532 5th Dec - 11th Dec 'TOY'

#533 12th Dec - 18th Dec 'YOUR FAVOURITE DAY'

#534 19th Dec - 25th Dec 'HOME TOWN'

VZi Photo Challenge FAQ

Q. Who can enter?
A. Any member of Volkszone.

Q. Do I have to enter them all?
A. No. Enter as many, or as few, as you like. Even if it’s just once.

Q. What sort of camera do I need?
A. Any. From a camera phone or compact camera, all the way up to a posh DSLR costing thousands. Plenty of challenges have been won in the past on camera phones. As the list of challenges is posted in advance, you can even use a film camera, as there’s plenty of time to develop, print, scan the negatives/prints.

Q. How frequent are the challenges.
A. Weekly.

Q. When are the challenges open for entries, and closed for voting?
A. The challenges close on Tuesday Midnight, and the next week’s challenge posted Thursday. This gives you at least five to nearly six days to post your entry.

Q. When is voting?
A. All of Wednesday, closing at Midnight. Votes will then be counted, and a winner declared on Thursday, and the thread for the next challenge entries posted.

Q. When do I have to take my photos?
A. Any time in 2018. A list is published on this thread of the dates to enter from. For the past number of years the Photo Challenge has always relied on trust that a photo has been taken within a specified time. Entries can, if necessary, be checked by their EXIF or metadata, should there be any doubt. If you cheat, by selecting a photo not taken this year, you will ultimately be only cheating yourself. Stay true to the challenge, otherwise where is the challenge?

Q. How do I post photos on the challenge threads?
A. Read Spiny’s guide to posting photos on the forum. Most people have a PhotoBucket or Flickr account they use.

Q. Any hints and tips on entering the Photo Challenge.
A. Keep on reading…

VZi Photo Challenge Guide.

The VZi Photo Challenge has been running for about eight years now. It’s open to anybody, at any level, from the most amateur snappers to full blown pro’s.
Its roots were based upon Volkszone members who loved taking photos. Many of whom were discovering the delights of decent affordable digital cameras for the first time. Combined with photo hosting sites, such as Flickr and Photobucket, made taking and showing their photos quicker and easier than ever. And thus a weekly challenge was born and set up. The idea being that a challenge as set, everybody had their photos posted on the challenge thread by Tuesday Midnight, voting all day Wednesday, and from Thursday onwards the winner (decided by the most votes received from fellow entrants) posted a new challenge.

The challenge has ebbed and flowed, waxed and waned, in popularity. Sometimes getting over thirty entries per week, and on the very rare occasion only one – or even none.
This revamp of the challenge, with posting the list of challenges for the whole year in advance, will hopefully see the numbers increase once more.

Over the years, the most important ingredients in an entry have been imagination and observation. Not the camera in your hand. Just what’s between your ears. The ability to see, interpret, and show an idea. Which is why entries on camera phones, or the most automated compact, can (and do) win. Even when they’re fuzzy, shaky, and out of focus. Sometimes that adds to the photo. Often getting the composition, juxtaposition, and/or observation captured is more important. Even the taker of the most basic snapshot has had to put some thought in to their picture – framing, composition, observation, and trying to capture and show something. It may not be high art, but there’s still the same basics behind it.
So, don’t be shy. Don’t think you, or your equipment, are not worthy. Give it a go. Have a go. You never know what may catch another person’s eye, and get you that vital vote.
And, if you enter, you get to vote on that week’s challenge. You can make a difference! Casual observers often think the choice is easy. But when you have invested time and effort in to your entry, you appreciate everybody else’s. Making it much harder than you may think.
When you post your photo, don’t apologise for any of what you see as its shortcomings. That bad exposure, camera shake, out of focus look, may seem bad to you, but may add something for someone else, who starts the voting, and it may snowball in your favour. Let your image stand on its own merit. At most, add a title, as that may help. Just pretend it’s arty. But never apologise.

Photoshopping (or your favourite image editing software of choice) is allowed. But nothing too extreme, such as photo montage. There are many effects that are quick and easy to apply – some even within the camera itself. Be aware that these may look a bit cheesy, or overboard, and potentially loose votes.
Black and White, selective colour, HDR, and many other processing effects can be used, but be wary of overdoing them.

Read the rules. Read the FAQ. Read the Guide. Print a copy of the challenges, keep it on your wall and/or in your camera bag. Keep your eyes open! Now, get out there and start working on your photos for the year’s challenges.!

The Rules, and Voting…


* One entry per person. If you wish to change your entry please edit your original post. Your edit time/date will be considered your entry time/date in the event of a tie-breaker.
* Entries in by Tues Midnight
* Photos for this challenge must be taken this year (i.e. in 2018). This can be checked if necessary.
* 'Photoshopping' is allowed. But nothing too extreme, such as photo montage, etc.
* If your entry is 'not work safe', please link with [url] tags, not [img] tags.


* You need to enter to vote.
* Voting will be from Tues Midnight to Wed Midnight. Please make the effort to return and place your vote - it's really appreciated.
* After the deadline please post the username of your favourite photo and a brief description why.
* Try to base your vote on the use of the challenge theme.
* In the event of a tie, the earliest entry will be deemed the winner.
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