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Machine 7, high quality air-cooled  restoration and performance parts
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Old 23-01-2020, 11:54 AM   #21
Help! I'm trapped in here
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Originally Posted by 1911type4bug View Post
So unless you can afford to go electric, in the very near future it will be either public transport, cycling or by foot for the majority of people.
They still need to sort the charging infrastructure too...

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Happy that I can work at home....Commute takes 30 seconds, sometimes 90 if I have to stop for a pee
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Originally Posted by mr slug View Post
Seriously? Try this.

Here in Suffolk we have the biggest container port in Europe, and all of that traffic has to use an ‘A’ class road because Suffolk doesn’t have a single mile of motorway.

When that traffic, (and there is an unbelievable volume of it) goes past IPSWICH it crosses the river Orwell as that is the only route.

Yesterday, for the 3rd time so far this year the bridge had to close because of an RTI.

People were stuck for 5 hours in a gridlock situation that totally paralysed every single road for about 10 Square miles of Suffolk.

It has to be seen to be believed.

Most folk, like myself - just take a day off work because it just isn’t worth going out onto the roads.

It beggars belief that in a so called ‘developed country’ this situation happens time and time again.

The cost of upgrading road and rail infrastructure is huge, but must be minuscule when compared to the money that is actually lost by tens of thousands of individuals throughout this region.
Combine that with the extra losses suffered by haulage companies and associated businesses and I cannot believe how this situation can continue to be ignored.

The people that are empowered to sort this out really are Wanktards of the first order.
It's an absolute joke isn't it. The incident you talk about took so long to clear as I believe diesel spill during incident, nothing too complicated with dragging the HGV out the way. I disagree that most will decide to stay at home. Most will have to struggle for hours to get to their place of work then do expected shift. Get kids to School then work etc.
The whole problem with the UK roads is the terrible standard of driving, i really can't see it getting any lower than the bottom of the barrel it is now.
Anyone who says the Government isn't spending enough on infastructure wants to take a trip on ANY major road at night time! More closed than open it feels at times!
On a positive, the A14 between Cambridge and Huntingdon, despite miles and miles of diversions has been well managed. Updated on social media daily etc. Despite the hours its cost me I'm pleased with the progress they're making.
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It seems like some places are getting some good road infrastructure being done.

But, in my opinion, it is too little too late, and also misguided in a lot of instances, causing further congestion and road deterioration on the feeder roads.

I have to agree with monsoir...the standard of driving (not always the speed) doesn`t get any better.

A lot of people (probably most) don`t actually want to drive they just want to get from a to b.They have no interest in cars or driving.

There are a couple of road "infrastructure" projects they could do near me that would cost net to nothing in the grand scheme of things, and would save both lives and time lost due to accidents..and the cost of those accidents to the NHS etc.

Closing some of the gaps on the A1 between Grantham and Peterborough, closing some of the poxy lay by`s that are just before a junction...people see the sign for their exit...the are watching dutifully...the 3 -2 -1 countdown bars start...they move into the "deceleration" section at bar 3...only to find its a short layby only about 60 ft long...with a kerb section at the end...with the actual exit deceleration lane 40 or so foot further along.

A few longer acceleration and deceleration lanes would help.
Too many projects not enough time....
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Old 24-01-2020, 11:26 PM   #25
I'm special

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I am fortunate to be able to work from home a couple of days a week, but at least twice a week I have to brave the 68 mile trek up/down the A21 between Hastings and London. On a good day it can be 2 hours or less, but if I hit school run times or a silly delay, it’s more like 3-3.5 hours!😠 We used to live in central London, but moved out to afford a better home/quality of life. Not realising it would mean our staying over back in London, or running ourselves into the ground commuting every day. The unreliable rail line is nearly 6k per year and takes 2 hours on a not fit for purpose single track line.😯 Deep joy...

Now to put the cherry on, the ULEZ means I have to ‘upgrade’ my perfectly good RAV4 by next May, or pay to go past the south circular! AAAGH! And breathe...

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Big Al
Help! I'm trapped in here
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Same as you spent 10 years driving but fortunately mosty between 9.30 and 3. Outside of those times most of sheffield is just a crawl. It changed noticibly in the 10 years I was driving.....or I got less patient.

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I'm not an addict... honest!
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I was a city centre taxi driver for 7 years, many moons ago, and spent most of that 7 years sat in traffic, I had to just learn to accept it otherwise i'd spend my whole life stressed out to the max! Like others have said I'm now lucky enough to mainly work from home, and although I do need to travel about to various sites now and then, due to their locations traffic isn't an issue, 48 miles to my usual destination takes me around an hour give or take 5-10 mins (mainly B roads/country lanes)
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Nige G
Help! I'm trapped in here
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Originally Posted by gojira View Post

and they can afford to 'widen' the m1 (adding hard-shoulder running), reducing 24 miles of motorway to 50mph for 4 years while they do it. surely if that's acceptable then there's no point adding the extra lane?
There's been a few deaths caused by people breaking down with nowhere to go so there's a push now for hard shoulders to be removed from being live lanes.
The AA now refuse to attend any breakdowns that are on a hard shoulder being used as a live lane.

Originally Posted by TomD View Post
you leather clad puppy of mystery.
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I really must get out more
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Spoilt here... work approx 15 minute walk from work and have done for around 20 years now. (This is by choice, as it makes my working day shorter and commute stress free).

In for a shock soon, in about a months time I am doing jury dury in the middle of Bristol, long ass commute (no trains from where we live and the bus service is laughable, 1 every 30 mins but its 50/50 if they turn up)
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