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Machine 7, high quality air-cooled  restoration and performance parts
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Default Engine case thrust

Hey everyone

I have an AS41 case that measures approx 21.8mm to 21.9mm on the thrust.

If the bearing is a tight fit, would it hold up for 10s 000's of miles, or is it too far out of spec? (ive got the orange bentley manual, but don't have it to hand at the moment)

Also, does anyone know of a machine shop that would minimally cut the thrust and turn down a bearing. London and surrounding counties area preferable, but anywhere else that would do this by post would also be good to know. My local one, TES, told me they don't do this, which is a shame. Seems pointless cutting away 0.9mm from the thrust when the bearing could be cut instead.

Finally, in respect of a different engine case i have which has just been align bored, i noticed a very slight depression in one of the bearing saddles. It looks like a gouge, about 2 cms long x 0.5 cms wide, the edge of which on one side catches my finger nail, the rest of the 'gouge' doesn't, but feels lower than the rest of the saddle. I know that if your finger nail catches on a used case saddle, its time for an align bore, but i assume this rule is partly because the saddle has been worn out of spec (hence leaving the oil channel marks etc,..). However, my situation is that it's already had a fresh align bore, so the rest of the saddle is perfect size, except this 'gouge' bit. I suspect that it was a spun bearing that did this and i failed to notice the damage when i bought it and had it machined.


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Talk to John Walklett about the align bore, I've an engineer that machines my main bearings as your looking to do but I'm in Yorkshire, Google is your friend here I think
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I would think any good engineering shop would do this if you take them the bearing and ask them to machine it down by a certain amount.

If you have a good trusted local mechanic go and ask who they recommend to do engine machining work (doesn't have to be a VW specialist - any decent lathe operator should be able to turn a bearing to a specified size)

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