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Machine 7, high quality air-cooled  restoration and performance parts


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Readers Rides Post pics, specs and build-up stories of your vehicles - or even your garages here. Also interesting stuff about your 'daily drivers' etc. or interesting cars you have seen on your travels, even motors-based TV shows you can recommend. Please, no 'For Sale' or 'Want To Buy' ads, plugs for your 'business', links to 'for sale' ads or Ebay links to your (or your mate's) auction (use the VZi 'Classifieds' section) - this also includes thinly veiled 'What's My Car Worth?' threads and "Who Can Sell Me A . . ." posts.

Machine 7, high quality air-cooled  restoration and performance parts
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Help! I'm trapped in here

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Originally Posted by LUDICRUZ View Post
The last and final major part of my build arrived through the post earlier this week.

Last year when i attended the Stoneleigh Kit car show i was introduced to forum member from the Beach Buggy info club and i had heard from several people that he was the man renowned for putting together quite a few of the buggy wiring looms.

This was merely just an introduction, however i took the opportunity to express my interest in his wiring skills and even managed to see some of his work on a couple of the buggies at the show.

I remember he also mentioned that he was a CAD specialist so the prospect of having a bespoke kit and a full wiring diagram to support it would be great, and the thought of purchasing an off the shelf kit seemed impractical because i would have to make quite a number of changes and add more wiring to make it compatible.

So a few months later i sent him the below diagram of all my electrical parts and switches along with a couple of A4 pages of notes.....

And over the next few months we exchanged several emails fine tuning all the details and the wiring diagrams he had created.

He was fantastic as some of my requests were quite specific as to how i wanted some of the switches to operate, and he went out of his way to source some of the compatible relays.

i would class myself as an amateur when it comes to reading and understanding wiring diagrams, however one of the best things he did was not only to create one drawing which showed the full wiring diagram but he broke it down into sections, a lighting diagram, an Ignition diagram, an Ancillaries diagram and an Indicator diagram, which made it so effortless to understand everything...

The below is what i received in the post, its absolutely brilliant, he's labelled every cable with a number and marked the drawings accordingly.

Hopefully i will start within the next couple of weeks and get everything wired up.
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Looking good bro, nice to see it being developed further !? Congratulations �� on getting it to other shows - need to see more pics !? Further updates 💯👊🏾💥
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Excellent updates....
The new carb linkage kit is fantastic, not seen that before.
The wiring loom is also brill !
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Help! I'm trapped in here
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made up to see this thread back at the top and seeing the new / improved bits you're doing to the buggy
this was one of my favourite build threads
where the fuck did THAT come from :eek:
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