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Default t25 devon vs westfalia

I am looking at buying a t25, and I see there are lots of variants! Can someone tell me how much difference there is between Westfalias and Devons - I see comments about westies being better quality, but is this a genuine issue in practical terms? Are there many other differences?

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Bugsy_Malone 666
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The Westfalia conversion is german, the devon is british, so take what you will from that.

Apparently Westfalia conversions come in different types ranging from pop top and non poptop. So I dont think it'll be something you can judge without having a look at a few of the same type.

I think there is also a Holden conversion which were the high top fixed ones.

I think potentially the Westfalia might be a bit more fully fledged in so far as its a german conversion, The Devon is what we did to the VW vans.

At this point in their life trying to find one thats not been tinkered with might be more of a problem.
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westalia is much much better made, marine ply factory modified shell to fit the camping equipment, lots of better made stuff, devons are made from chipboard and have accessories that ae made to fit rather than purpose made, the price difference is worth the extra, layouts are all similar, either high top or pop top, some devons are tin tops, depends what your budget is and what you want
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I've owned both in the past. Depends on what you want.

Pluses: UK RHD. Very simple tech in the well laid out interior, mostly period caravan stuff so easy to repair/maintain and hidden toilet in small buddy seat, nice big side lifting roof, plenty of space for 2 kids up top, and unlike all other RHD conversions has proper people carrier body with recessed windows (other RHD conversions use panel vans and rot round the cut out windows and no seat belt mounts).
Neg: The interior is chipboard and wears out and can look shabby. UK vehicle may have been subject to lots of salt over numerous winters. Very basic interior, no fancy split charger from factory etc (can retro fit), roof cut open to fit big poptop.
Pluses: The real deal approved factory conversion, good quality and well laid out. High spec, built in water bottle with 'digital' capacity reader, 3 way fridge, battery charger, some have factory petrol/diesel heater, built in LPG tank etc. Nice rear lifting pop top based on sunroof model, albeit not as spatious, high roof model option, proper windows due to people carrier body.
Neg: Lot of tech, and if it goes wrong repair is expensive and some parts hard to get. LHD from factory.

I started with the westy. I loved the layout and the tech until it started going wrong. I didn't like its gutless 1600 non turbo diesel. So I switched to a 2l petrol aircooled devon. I like the simplicity, and power and RHD. I only sold it cause the kids outgrew it.
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Originally Posted by keekster64 View Post
Pluses: The real deal approved factory conversion,
Devon were an approved converter too.

While I feel they had the best layout, which Westfalia and VW have since pretty much copied, they had stopped using quality materials to make it.
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Originally Posted by Bugsy_Malone 666 View Post
The Westfalia conversion is german, the devon is british, so take what you will from that.
I used to have a Westy Bay and have upgraded to a AutoHomes T3 (T25). The AutoHomes is also a British conversion. I have spent 2 Days (with the assistance of Clarkson46) sorting out the logic of the AutoHomes leisure wiring. A PO had screwed it up, but when we tried to work out how it was supposed to be, it was less than obvious. If it were a Westy I could have go to a number of websites and downloaded a factory diagram and gone from there. I found a AutoHomes factory diagram, but it was hand drawn and incomplete. You could see in the design of the Autohomes wiring that obvious corners had been cut.

To say the AutoHomes is inferior because it is British is unfair. To say it is inferior because it isn't a Westy is very fair.
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