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Machine 7, high quality air-cooled  restoration and performance parts
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Default Chop Shop Gangsta Car to be smashed to bits by Podzilla at VW Action?

It could happen! We are placing a sealed bid for the Martin Kemp Gangsta car when it comes up for auction on the 10th January. If we get it, it will be trashed and posted through the special VW Action 'shitheap' letter box, and then environmentally recycled.

Everyone will be able to buy the right to set upon it with lumphammers and cutting tools by making a donation to Brads Cancer Foundation.

This is an edit as the thread is on 66 pages at the moment. We did buy it at Coys auction... when we told them what we were buying it for, they laughed, then waived the sales commission as their charitable contribution.

Everyone on the thread who has seen it in the flesh has said it is a fugly monstrosity. I picked it up today.... they were being diplomatic!!! On top of which it won't start, has no papers (it is an ex scrapper btw) and is worth the sum of its salvageable parts, minus the labour to get them off.

Most people are happy that the car is to meet it's end at Santa Pod during VW Action next September. Some still feel we are being wantonly destructive, but don't seem to truly realise how awful this car is imho. The current state of play is that we are moving plans ahead to find as many ways as possible to raise money for Brads Cancer Foundation, and the following statement is our sort of 'manifesto' of why we feel that this is the future the beast richly deserves

The ‘Chop Shop/Martin Kemp’ Gangster Car is to be humanely culled. The termination of the abomination is to take place at Santa Pod Raceway, during the event ‘VW Action’, on 6th September 2009, and will be carried out by the Podzilla Monster Truck.

Throughout spring and summer, visitors to several other shows at Santa Pod Raceway and elsewhere, will (for a donation to ‘Brads Cancer Foundation’) be invited to write the car a goodbye note (in felt pen, on the bodywork), and/or strike it with a heavy blunt instrument.

We feel that this car and its genesis, is possibly the finest ever example of everything that is wrong with the way the TV media in the UK presents the modified vehicle community.

For the reasons listed below, we believe that bringing about the demise of this monstrosity is a responsible and necessary act of compassion.

1) It has by no credible measure any aesthetic quality whatsoever.

2) It has served its useful purpose for the ‘Chop Shop’ programme makers, and as the current owners of the vehicle we believe that we have an absolute right to determine its fate.

3) We assert that we are ‘striking a blow’ on behalf of everyone who modifies vehicles taking proper account of engineering principles and limitations, aesthetic qualities, and general good taste.

4) We hope to raise a substantial four figure sum for a very worthwhile charity which we have personally supported for many years.

5) This car, like any other would eventually meet an ignominious end, ultimately being crushed and recycled. We are simply bringing that day forward, and in so doing, providing entertainment and benefiting a worthy cause.

We wish to refute in advance any suggestion that terminating the ‘Gangster Car’ is wanton, pointless, or loutish. This is a fun, ‘tongue in cheek’ exercise, which will we are convinced be well received by the overwhelming number of car enthusiasts, who have consistently heaped distain on the vehicle at every opportunity. We plan to remove all viable reusable parts prior to its being crushed by Podzilla.

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I already have a crisp tenner in my hand!
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count me in i'll even bring my own stihl saw
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*evil grin*

This is gonna be ace!
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I just hope im there to watch !!!

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Get in!

The Chop Shop peeps will feel the force that is VZi
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That would look lovely with a coat of paint and the sagging suspension fixed... :D
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I've not seen this car but already thinking of what tools I can bring along to action My idea at the moment is tug of war with 2 cars an the gangster car in the middle

Any pics of said car?
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