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once you have complaint and hassle from insurance just write to them and say you will only deal with them in writing from now on , better to have prof of what you said and what they sad to you , and you can respond to then with out getting all wound up.
i had trouble with budget insurance about a car i sold and the policy carried on they said owed 215 but sold it .. alot of trouble untill provided profe i sold the vehicle, writing all the way better...
but 50 for canceling a policy you have paid in full bollock get them reported them to the right peolpe ......something smells fishy to me....

good luck dont stop untill its sorted, and dont give in most people do , just pay what they say they owww its easy for most people just to make it go away..

good luck
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Originally Posted by Nidge View Post
So you've paid the full annual premium?

They've got No premium back from your insurers for 1 months cover?

Plus they have stuck a 50 cancellation fee on top?

This sounds crazy to me

I would first of all check the terms of business in relation to cancellation fees. Then complain using their complaints proceedure and threaten to report then to the FSA under the "treating customers fairly" rule.

Sounds like this company needs to avoided at all costs!!

No wonder the Insurance Industry has such a bad reputation!
Originally Posted by Nidge View Post
check your "terms of business" iro cancellation fees & retaining commission & your policy document iro return of premium following cancellation. If they have deviated from either Complain and tell them you want compensation. They'll have to respond in 5 working days and set a time scale for resolution.
Listen to this man. Nigel has more experience of the insurance business than most
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