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Forgotten Volkswagen Camper Van LIVES AGAIN !!!!!!!

Title Forgotten Volkswagen Camper Van LIVES AGAIN !!!!!!!
Category VW Related
Date 24-07-2013, 04:28 PM
Description We pulled this 1979 Volkswagen Camper out of a shop where it had been sitting since 1997. The motor was partially installed but needed to be finished. Tires were shot and the interior was a mess. We spent the better part of 2 weeks cleaning, polishing and replacing anything that needed to be fixed. It was a team effort and couldn't have got it done without the help of my amazing wife and daughters. Big thanks to Allan of Southeast Idaho Motors for helping with some mechanical issues and for the parts he donated to the project. If you need VW Service in the Southeast Idaho or Jackson Hole area give him a call at (801)808-9763 for all your Aircooled VW needs. If you have an old Volkswagen you want to sell give us a call today at (208)200-6053. Thanks Jeremy at Skeeters Auto Sales.

Music by Kevin MacLeod at

Last acoustic guitar song by

Thanks to both for offering royalty free tracks for the public. Thanks Guys.
by bonecollector
Hoster YouTube int.
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