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  1. Vehicles Wanted
    Vw Beetle late 50's early 60's wanted Hi, Looking for a vw beetle late 1950's or early 1960's (preferably semaphore), looking for a road running beetle in decent condition not looking for perfection but something to mess around (lowering and tweaking) with and enjoy for the next while, the...
  2. Dude! What's My Car Worth?
    ok for our insurance we are looking for the current market value of our beetle, its ratty but solid, lead red lowered on teledials, mot and tax exempt runs well will add a picture or two later...we have it insured for 1500 quid at the moment but suspect that its worth more...what you think??
  3. Vehicles For Sale
    I brought this into the UK as a good base to create my ultimate ride, but my circumstances have changed so sadly I'm having to let her go. She's a 1959 LHD Californian import and former surfer's bus. 12 volt, Mango Green/Seagull Grey (orig colour was Ocean Blue), type 3 transmission, no...
  4. Chat/Discussion
    We're looking at changing the interior on our van. The van is grey and we're not sure what colour scheme to go for inside. We've got light brown/camel interior at the moment. Has anyone seen anything nice that will go well with our van that they can recommend? Thanks :)
  5. Vehicles For Sale
    Sadly I'm having to sell my 1959 Lowlight Ghia known by most as 'The Zombie'. Unfortuantely I just can't justify keeping her anymore with my current situation due to my illness and not being able to work now or in the foreseeable future. Her Original Colour is Cognac and is still there on the...
  6. Chat/Discussion
    I ask because it's registered as a '66 which it aint! It It was imported to Singapore in '66 and has been registered as such. There is no VIN plate. I'm thinking ' 59 or '60 but impossible to say if lights have been changed and Singapore cars are basically US spec but right hand drive so can...
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Hi, Will my flat-4 GT steering wheel ever be able to fit on my 1959 bus? If so... does anyone know where I can buy a boss to fit it? I have a Steering boss that came with the wheel (code AC400I182) but that's for a 60-74 Bug or Ghia. Cheers
  8. Vehicles For Sale
    i've just removed this 1959 fixed dynamo stand engine from my 1957 beetle due to an up grade,the engine was running fine before i removed it. the only a couple of thing's it could do with is,1.is a carb with an advance/retard conecter pipe on it as the one fitted although new doesnt have one...
  9. Readers Rides
    My latest Venture - '59 Lowlight 'The Zombie' powered by a slightly tuned 1641 with rebuilt 36's.
1-10 of 10 Results