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  1. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Good Morning all, I’m after the following parts for my 1970 Bay if anyone can help before I buy new: J-Tubes (Steel or Stainless) Front Indicator Lenses Rear Light Lenses & Chrome surround All window seals Sliding Door Handle Seals Sliding Door Track Cover Seal RHD Passenger Door Seal Regards Rob
  2. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Good Morning All, I am after a good RHD Steering Box for an Early Bay, 1970. Regards Rob
  3. Vehicles For Sale
    Selling my 1970 Type 3 Fastback project, if no interest then will be stripping it for parts, but would rather some one buy and restore it, has no engine, floors seem surprisingly solid but rust and holes in other places, looks like the roof has been cut off and refitted at some point?! Also...
  4. Vehicles For Sale
    For Sale: 1970 Bay Window / T2a Deluxe Just in this 1970 deluxe is an easy project. All welding has been done already with the quality panels of Classic Fab. New brakes, new clutch- brake- and gascable. Needs an engine and some TLC. Otherwise good solid base for a complete resto or as slammed...
  5. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Hi there, I am selling my beetle steels due to not needing them anymore. They came with the car as spares and therefore have no need for them, they have to what my knowledge is original or vintage tyres of that period. Included in the same are 4 beetle rims which are all straight and true with...
  6. Vehicles For Sale
    1970 Tax Exempt Beetle Klaus the Classic Beetle 1300 Klaus was built in 1970 and I have owned him since July 2012, since September he was stored in a dry garage. Previous to this he was off the road for 14 years in a garage. He is tax exempt. He has been my daily drive since May but from...
  7. Items Wanted - AUTO
    My 1970 Variant Squareback has been garaged since 1979 and as result the fuel injectors have perished. I'm looking for 4 replacement fuel injectors, details as follows: VW Part Number 311906031B. Bosch part number 02080150007. They have a yellow plastic cap. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Chat/Discussion
    I'm getting some work done to my 1970 Variant Squareback, and I've been told by the garage that I need a new exhaust. Any advice on where to find a good quality replacement would be appreciated. The garage I am using is in Hornsea, east Yorkshire so any contacts in the area would be handy.
  9. Vehicles For Sale
    hi im selling a beetle shell 1970 1300 the car comes with windows, doors, wings, bonnet, original door cards, metal strip trim. the car is solid, could be used for spares or repairs or project if you would like pictures please email me at [email protected] its in preston, lancashire £150
  10. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    im having a problem with my rear/stop lights. with the lights on only the drivers side is lit up and when you press the brakes the passengers side lights up and drivers side goes out.:( ill check tomorrow what happens when i press the brakes with rear lights off. its a 1970 1200 if this helps...
  11. Readers Rides
    Hi everyone! I put up a post on the vehicles wanted section a while ago and long story short, I now have my first Bug! He needs a bit of work until he is road worthy and there is loads of stuff that I want to do so I'l keep updating on here and no doubt there will be dozens of posts for help as...
  12. Vehicles For Sale
    1776 engine, engle 110 cam, external oil filter, deep sump runs 5 1/2 litres of oil, wagon west narrowed beam, drop spindles notched chassis, servo brakes, new 75 amp chrome alternator new oak head liner and door cards tan leather Rock&Roll bed and buddy seat,new window rubbers with deluxe trim...
  13. Vehicles For Sale
    Hello, It has sadly come to the time where we need to part with our 1970 1200cc Beetle, we have recently moved out and only have 2 car spaces so there is no space for this little bug, we love it to bits and its been to cornwall with us in 2010 and made it there with no hickups or concerns at...
  14. Vehicles For Sale
    THIS IS MILOW, A CALIFORNIAN IMPORTED 1970 VW T2 CAMPERVAN. This van is an aircooled early Baywindow LHD model, with a tin top roof. It was imported in 2005 from California and due to being in a hot dry country it is a very solid van with no rust damage, only minor bubbling around the...
  15. Vehicles For Sale
    this is Milow a Californian Imported tintop early Bay in excellent condition. 12 months MOT and tax except. A recon engine with only 17,000 miles on the clock. Engine in excellent condition. A very solid van with no rust damage. NEw interior with buddy seat, 4 compartment cupboard, double rock &...
  16. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    This is one of my hot air pipes going from the heat exchangers to under the back seat and to the channels down by the front seats. Same on the other side. When I got the car these were all wrapped in insulation. Are these supposed to be like this? and if so, why do they have holes in, surely...
1-19 of 32 Results