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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Finally got them sorted... Full gallery of nearly 300 pics is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/retromotoring/sets/72157622308306724/ What a TOP weekend! LOADSAFUN :D Great weather (I had to change into shorts at one point!), great people, great laughs, great cars, great racing, great...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    Riiiiiiiight... So we took 8500 photographs, nearly 40Gb... Obviously I'm not going to post them all up but even just the highlights will make for a large thread! I'll keep this thread for the cars, we should do another for the people/places etc I guess. The full gallery is going here...
  3. VZi Yellow Pages
    2009 VW Calendar Discount for VZI forum members Price: £6 The 12 month A4 open A4 size 210 mm x 300 mm / 8.27" x 11.81" 26 page VW Calendar featuring 13 New Photos from my Volkswagen photo collection. This Calendar is Professionally Printed with a 250gsm Silk Cover & 150gsm gloss pages...
  4. Chat/Discussion
    OK . . . so now the cat is out of the bag . . . a bit . . . We can start taking pre-orders for the 2009 VZi/BRAD'S CALENDAR Bri ********************************************************* VOLKSZONE.COM 2009 CALENDAR IN AID OF BRAD'S CANCER FOUNDATION As you probably already know, the boys and...
  5. Chat/Discussion
    but have any show dates been decided for next year ? My reason for asking is that work have opened up next years holidays and people are starting to book and I'm scared they'll all be full by the time I get dates. :(
1-6 of 7 Results