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  1. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Morning all, I'm looking for any of these (Speedo, Tacho and Fuel). Need to be in decent condition and in working order and also have the silver dots in the centre, like the picture below. Anybody out there got any? PM me if so. Thanks!
  2. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Evening all, I'm after a few different bits and bobs. Porsche 914 dials After a set of these (Speedo, Tacho and Fuel) like in the picture below. Need to be the versions with the silver centre, in decent condition and in working order. RHD 1200 Beetle Padded Dashboard A MINT padded dash...
  3. Dude! What's My Car Worth?
    Hi I've got 6 (yeah that's right 6, don't know why that many myself?) lemmerz 5.5j rims all stamped 1563-2, which I think is et25? All stamped lemmerz, western Germany. Two or three are stamped 72 and the others 77 so not all same year. Nice deep dish looking rim with the hub caps but not sure...
  4. Vehicles Wanted
    Hi all. Looking for a Porsche 914 at the moment to add to the VW hobby. It has to be at least a driver plus car. In case it needs some work...that is OK as long as it is priced accordingly. Enginewise it should be OK. Would love to buy it from a fellow-VW/Porsche enthousiast. At the moment I...
  5. Vehicles For Sale
    Porsche Cayman S 3.4L - £21k (Will PX for Transporter) Stunning 2008 Porsche Cayman S in Brown Metallic with superbly contrasting beige leather interior. Surely one of the rarest examples in the country - with almost every optional extra on her, including, Full Beige Leather Interior and...
  6. Items Wanted - AUTO
  7. Readers Rides
    Just thought I would share my car with you all. Had it for a long time now, more than 10 years I think, here are some pics... Spec is as follows..... Subtle lowering all round Original Fuchs alloys BMW 'ATE' front disc conversion Rennshift shifter 2.0L motor 96mm Keith Black...
  8. Vehicles For Sale
    Hello dont want to do this but needs must as i am being made redundant on the 15th on this month so it has to go :( Imported in 1999 and only been used in the dry, recommissioned last summer after being parked up for 3 years in dry storage. lots of receipts from previous work including...
  9. Chat/Discussion
    Hopefully i wont just get a 'don't buy one' response... Anyway, i've been offered the chance to buy one at an ok price but it's in the US of A so i can't really go any look it over :rolleyes: I've got a few photo's of the car showing the rust along the sills (these get hiden anyway)and the...
  10. Vehicles For Sale
    MOD EDIT Hello Please take out a banner ad or at least become a Member Sponsor before any further trading or promoting your business on VZi. VZi is FREE to Private Sellers but we expect businesses or regular sellers to contribute. As per the box up top of the Classified Forums, in the sticky...
  11. Vehicles For Sale
    1972 Porsche 914 2 litre for Sale Sadly due to lack of time my 914 is for sale. This classic mid-engined 2 seater sports car was imported from California in 1990. It's had just 2 owners since then including my good mate Steve at Johnson Autoworks who got it to the condition you see it in...
  12. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi, I bought a Baja Bug last year which has always been my dream car and immediately took it off roading and around town. It's been great fun but offroading takes it's toll and now my first gear keeps popping out when I try to go into first. It's a great Bug but someone has done all the leg...
  13. Readers Rides
    Hey y'all!! I finally thought it was time I posted my bug here! My first aircooled vw, and first car full stop. A '67 euro bug! I bought it in the UK even though I now live in France, and drove it 800 miles back home only 2 weeks after getting my 'accompanied' licence at 16 years old!!! The...
  14. Chat/Discussion
    Braved the weather and took a spin out to Classics at the Castle today. Some trully amazing machines there, plus some nice blatting around lovely country roads. Enjoy.
  15. Chat/Discussion
    I have a spare set of 914 seats & thinking they might go well in the 66 :D but I dunno what subframes I'd need to get/make :confused: anyone done this before? any info/pics would be greatly appreciated!! ta! :)
  16. Chat/Discussion
    Was reading the wikipedia entry on 914's and it was going on about it being a VW/Porsche joint venture - but if you read the excerpt below it suggests they were sold as VW/Porsches in Europe - what does that mean? Did they ever wear VW badges?
1-16 of 16 Results