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    Photo exhibition on between now and 31st May. Full details here -> http://www.proud.co.uk/exhibition-AC-DC_25.aspx
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    ..at Wembly. On sale this morning. This time I got four tickets. Whoot!!! :D
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    I've just heard that AC/DC are going to be playing a second Irish date next year. The April 18th gig at the O2 Arena in Dublin sold out in minutes but they've announced that they're also going to be playing on June 28th at Punchestown Racecourse!! w00t!! I'd rather have seen them at the indoor...
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    AC/DC new album,just finished listening to it.................they just get better :D
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    Anyone have any good ideas on how I find someone to swap London tickets (which I have) for Manchester tickets (which I want) ?
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    I know this may be late as they went on sale on Friday, but get in got tickets, roll on April 21st and sunny Manchester. :D
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    Fingers on keyboards folks. Come on my Year 11 class! First one through gets an A!!
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    WOOOO HOOOO..new album out monday and tour kicks off in april in uk and tickets on sale tomorrow..cant wait :)
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    yep, just ordered my tickets for the show in Paris on the 27th of Feb next year (had to join the fan club though as they still have tickets available for members) Just hoping i can get tickets on Friday for the UK shows, roll on next year,its gonna rock:D
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    hey guys, i see the new album is to be released on the 20ht of this month and i cant wait!!!! but does anyone know of uk tour dates?? i seee their north american dates are selling out in record time....like minutes!!! cheers, michael.
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    she kept her motor clean
1-13 of 13 Results