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  1. Show Scene
    Dug out some of my old camcorder tapes and got editing. Back in 2003 there were burnouts on the street outside the Ace. They quickly put a stop to it, but it was so much fun while it lasted. Loads of the usual suspects on this film, and some unusual cars too - a lowrider beetle on hydraulics...
  2. Show Scene
    They are back (OK, they never went away, but they are well attended again) Like this page for updates.. https://www.facebook.com/acecafeaircooled/?hc_ref=ARRShGW8Wziu03ECZIqgFIA3ra1s9rB7M_Veoy59L7owrIcpOorcEu8Ip7wyub_grUo Anyone know when the Meets started? :D
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Here are a few photos - The rest are at www.vwbug.co.uk
  4. Chat/Discussion
    Here are a few pics - the rest are at www.vwbug.co.uk Enjoy.
  5. Chat/Discussion
    These were taken in the dark with no tripod... so they may be a bit shit...
  6. Chat/Discussion
    Sometime this morning...... Video of this to be uploaded soon.......
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Are you going? I hope to get to both :) Shall we have a VZi meet up? Free Tea/Coffee and Biscuits will served from mi Van at Slough like last year :) See ya there :elvis:
  8. Chat/Discussion
    Decided as it was dry and warmish and I was back from work at a sensible time to pop up the Ace, started off a bit slow but by about 8ish it was heaving, really good selection and a couple of brave crazy people in a buggy and Trekker going doorless in winter:lol: Scoffed a mighty fry up, chatted...
  9. Chat/Discussion
    VW Air Cooled Night 6pm :o:)
1-10 of 10 Results