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    As some of you may know, I have written a trilogy of books which I have self published with Kindle. I was unable to make them free but, by enrolling in KDP, I have the first one, The Sandpit (by Gareth Hollis), available for free download from 01.03.12 - 05.03.12. For those interested, I...
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    A rare thing these days, superb customer service for defective electrical goods. Got a Kindle for Christmas, superb bit of kit, but....took it out of my bag one day, and half the screen wouldn't work. A quick internet search led me to Amazons own discussion site for the Kindle, which discussed...
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    Cool or not ? I quite like um :D :cool: :D
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    Get It Here! The White House comes under scrutiny in Aaron Sorkin's politically-charged--and therefore controversial--drama THE WEST WING. The series follows the life and times of President Jed Bartlet (Martin Sheen), who's constantly immersed in scandal and impossible decisions. Mirroring...
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    Have you got no balls? Or perhaps you enjoy a bit of cock action? Then this boxset is a must. Featuring Slappers! Slags! Women of loose morals! Women of loose vadges! And.... Moley-moley-mole! Was £100 now only £50 for the boxset of seasons 1-6 Get it now, and pretend you got it for your...
1-5 of 5 Results