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    Check out this freak.
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    Beta version now available now free to download from microsoft.com, I am going to have a play with it on an old pc.
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    In my mothers infinate wisdom, she bought two ipod minis off a guy who called into her shop on the cheap. She gave them to my sis and her fella for xmas. Now, ive had an ipod since the very first model, the one with the four buttons over the top, BUT i use and apple and only but from apple so...
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    Just turned it on and it's decided to play silly bollocks by deleting files and shutting down when i run msn messenger !! On top of that the keyboard is shit. :mad::mad::mad::mad: My home Mac gives me no trouble at all, roll on April get a job and buy a Mac laptop :D Then i'll smash this...
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    Ok I seem to have done something to my nano ooops :o I've managed to delete everything (thankfully not alot on it) & now it won't let me drag & drop from my itunes, is there any setting I need to click to allow this?? :confused: (I don't have a manual to refer to hence asking you guys before...
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    Three times today I've had the screen go dim and an error message come up in the cntre of the screen asking me to power off the computer I assume this is not something that should be happening ? It's a brand new machine. I have only surfed the net on it and installed office (for mac) but so...
1-6 of 6 Results