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    So many photgrapher at shows these days but not many actual artist that draw or paint your vehicle. So..show us your artwork and or website. I'll start here's mine:
  2. The Gallery - VZi Arts & Photography
    Patina'd Volkswagen badge letterpress prints based on my original hand drawn pen and ink illustration, are now available to buy from http://lastingimpression.bigcartel.com Available as a print, a mounted printed, or a mounted and framed print. All prices include UK p&p
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Hey guys, I've not called here in for a short time but I've been here for a looooong time. I know a lot of you are bally decent folks who are creative and care for the world... so i'm asking if you could take a quick butchers at our project on kickstarter? It's here: Stretcher Print - World...
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    This is what happens when you give graffiti artists an abandon warehouse and an unlimited amount of paint. Like art, time lapse and a being blown away :D Enjoy Made me smile :)
  5. Readers Rides
    :clap:am so chuffed cos I been grafting and happy with the look of my bug,blossom...got dropped spindles for the front(and disk brakes to fit too) and need advice about lowering...ie do you really need special lowered shocks to help and will it be useful for the rear to get fitted spring...
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    Hey guys, Wanted to let you know that at the start of April Donnyburger and Volkspirate Jim will be showing/selling their artwork at the exhibition myself and the rest of Cat and the Fiddle promotions have organisied; Looking Is Not Seeing. The exhibition runs from the 8th till the 13th in...
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    Having recieved a new print in the post today and having just ordering another two this evening, I was wondering if anyone else on here is in to or collects these kind of art prints? Over the last year os so, I've collected pieces by ELPH, Russ Mills aka BYROGLYPHICS, Kozyndan and Shepard...
  8. The Gallery - VZi Arts & Photography
    Who's got a blog? Mine are: http://nicjennings.blogspot.com/ and http://jenningscreative.tumblr.com/ I put this in this section as looking for art (photography, graphic design etc) based blogs.
  9. The Gallery - VZi Arts & Photography
    Over the years, I've noticed that some of the more interesting photos I've seen have one think in common. They use an extreme technique in them somewhere. Sometimes by design, sometimes by necessity. But nevertheless, an extreme of some sort is involved. Thus my theory of using the extreme...
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    With a wry eye, Damián Ortega deconstructs the inherent obsolescence behind the technological progress that dominates our lives For Damián Ortega, ideas and things, far from being connected by logic, have a deeper, unaccountable relationship, amounting to a kind of magic act. It's a...
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    Can we have some nice pictures? Here are some paintings by some of my favourite artists: :)