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  1. H20
    Lovely condition and very very original G plate Golf CL 1.6 auto. 66000 miles, Only covered 10000 miles in last 10 years, mint condition inside, few minor battle scars outside where the local twats thought it would be funny to throw stones. Really was owned by the proverbial old boy who...
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    Harry Potter DVD - SceneIT game - £5 Delivered An interactive board game with Harry Potter movie questions on an accompanying DVD The DVD has patented Optreve technology to ensure variety of questions are asked Themed Flextime game board enables players to choose the length of gameplay Test...
  3. Chat/Discussion
    what do you say on the cost for brighton breeze i think it is being over price for a one day show £32.00 money is tight for me but its not for some what you say
  4. Offers
    55 Discs for £88! The Complete Collection Almost as good value for money as the X-files boxset! (61 Disc for less than a ton!) :) Enjoy. wiltsteve 30/09/08- Up in price (but only a fiver). Locking thread.
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    The Outer Limits S1 - Original Version - 8 Discs! Have some! 30/09/08 - up in price - extra 3 quid. Closing thread.
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    Star Trek all Films £32! All the movies in one pack Great for the Trekkie or Trekker in your life. 30/09/08 - Price almost doubled to £60. Closing thread