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    Great book I have a copy and it is a fab read. 280409192249 Are they really selling for close to £80 now? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/0955627109/
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    we are starting to add up the monies raised for brads cancer foundation from the calendar, once we have a grand total we will post it in here :) thanks once again to everyone who gave up time and effort to make the calendar happen, all the people who worked on it, took pics for it, lent...
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    here's some of mine to get us going,, My chemical romance. Three cheers for sweet revenge album cover Spongebob another spongebob Heartagram Lets see yours :D:D
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    might have been mentioned already (so apologies if so) but is there any total for the amount raised as yet ?
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    I could do with some help designing a new club flyer :) I am useless on a pc but have plenty of ideas! Payment can be made in beer of choice at next VW show ;)
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    Does anyone have any images of VWs that i could print up for kids to colour in at the koolest krooze? I'm looking to make a competition of it and give prizes to the kids. So any suitable line drawings would be great! I'm ideally after a pic of a bug and one of a camper. I'm doing 2 age groups...
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    Well at least not from the net or bookstores... It's a right pain in the arse as stores buy through a wholesaler who inevitably orders just the one from me... I end up standing for £4.30 postage cos otherwise There would be no 'margin' for stores to sell. So if anyone is interested in buying...
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    all i can say is that it is so good... well done to all involved - you all did an excellent job - bought one off bee tonight when she bought the golf off me... that is going to be hung up for next year... Congrats guys and girls... you do volkszone proud!!! :D:D
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    ...on my doormat. Nice one guys, well done. :hug: :D
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    ...and I am blown away by the quality and the imagination of the shots! It is superb :D:D:D To all involved just wow! and thank you :hug: People you must buy this, it is truly stylish and a quality item :cool:
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    Got mine at the breeze today To all those who did something on them supplied Vehicles /Themselves Take a Bow They look Great :hug: and to those who aint got one ...... Get one ;)
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    OK . . . so now the cat is out of the bag . . . a bit . . . We can start taking pre-orders for the 2009 VZi/BRAD'S CALENDAR Bri ********************************************************* VOLKSZONE.COM 2009 CALENDAR IN AID OF BRAD'S CANCER FOUNDATION As you probably already know, the boys and...
1-13 of 13 Results