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  1. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    hi, been meaning to get ride of this for ages now as its taking up garage space and just don't have room for it where i live now, juwel rio 180 litter fish tank with black cabinet, comes with filter heater the only thing it does need is two light tubes as i took them out when storing it and...
  2. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    This is an awesome custom BMX built from all pro parts, only used a few times (hence why I am selling it.) Over £1000 spent on this BMX, grab yourself a practically brand new Pro Custom BMX at a bargain price! £879 Viewing is welcome, for any more details or photos please message. Thanks...
  3. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Right here's my BMX which I'm selling as it's just not being used. It was originally a 'Felt' Bike (2009-ish) but now has had a bunch of new parts which have been added over the years. It originally had black bars and orange forks, and bigger sprocket etc. I've added: -'Colony Official Ryan...
  4. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Kink BMX barely used chris doyle complete (pics) Dropped to £250! Im selling my Kink chris doyle, pretty much brand spanking new! I've owned about a year and i've used it maybe 5 times. £250. Cost over £500 new. It's the brown bike with blue grips/ stickers. Pretty sure it's the 2010. I...
  5. Chat/Discussion
    When did you get your first BMX? what was it?How old were you? How old are you now? Would you still ride one? Me This weekend Silver Fox Bomber Half Pipe off car boot for £35 49 49 Yep but hopeing I get over this saddle soreness as my ass is killing and I'm not confident to ride standing up...
  6. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    for sale is my raleigh burner bmx. its in pretty good condition with only a few of the expected scuffs from a used bike. its an ace bike to ride and an even nicer show piece. 120 ono
  7. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Hi, I'm selling my mates BMX for him, I custom painted it a few months ago but he now needs to sell it due to just spending £2k on his Mk2 escort:eek: Anyway, I colour matched the brown paint to the handlebar grips and painted the frame to a good standard, with all the other bits in pure white...
  8. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    making some more space in garage selling bmx £60 ono ,nice ride for at shows or great little project for somebody any more info feel free to drop me a pm or give me a ring as dont really get on pc much nowadays;)
  9. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Change of life circumstances and a bit of reflection has got me of a mind to declutter the loft and house of unplayed with, dusty gadgets and toys as well as a few old school bikes. I will be uploading pictures and prices as I post the items. Please respond by PM/calling me on my mobile (07798...
  10. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    BMX - New price... SOLD
  11. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    hey guys got a mongoose californaian for sale on ebay......had this since the mid eighties but needs a full resto! surface rust on frame but shot blastable for sure check pics http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140397500140&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT cheers
  12. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Ok guys here is one of my Burners, this has to go to help fund other builds . its on ebay but thought id post the link here. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200433792970&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Its got Resprayed F&F Dia compe 901 brakes , mint white tuffs white copy...
  13. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    super tough burner great condition some gold peeling off but not much everything on bike original still has all pads and wheel/seat reflectors 175 ono photos available send me pm so i can email them dont know how to upload photos
  14. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
  15. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    I have my KHE bmx but not really using it so is anyone up for a swop on there mountain bike?, The BMX is a very good quality (just look at the frame:eek:) and cost £550 so i do not want a shitey mountain bike from tescos in exchange! im in lincolnshire pm or post what you have heres the pics
  16. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Chrome BMX for sale, £40 collection only Cheers Stu
  17. Chat/Discussion
    i've only come 1/2 mile on my bmx up a steady incline and i'm fucked!! :o i really need to get fit :rolleyes:
1-19 of 20 Results