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    Moved into a new house a few weeks ago and had to wait the best part of 3 weeks for an engineer to come and connect up our land line. That was done on Monday, so yesterday I call Orange to ask how long till I get my new router and can get properly on-line and they tell me 'up to 10 working...
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    Hi all. Had broadband with VM for years. I don't normally get a problem with net access, but at the moment there are a load of websites I cannot access - just get server timeouts. One of them is speedtest.net. Just wondered if anybody else is having the same problems? Stu.
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    Their service and customer care are truly crap, as in proper, proper crap. I have experienced and remain mentally scarred by Virgin Media, who in my eyes have held the trophy for providing the worst customer care. Up until this week I firmly believed that no other company anywhere on on the...
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    We live in the sticks, so cable isn't an option, is there any way of getting a phone line without using BT?
  5. Chat/Discussion
    Can anyone tell me why my router is blocking Photobucket and ebay? It has been intermittent over the last week or two but a reset would usually fix it. Now it's no go at all. I have tried on XP, Windows7 (IE and Firefox) and the Mac so definitely router/modem/something else. I have recently...
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    my internet is damn slow! when i get the task manager up and go on networking it says "Network utilization: 0.17%" or a number around that... does this mean my internet could be fast?
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    Hi computer peeps ;) I have my Dell inspiron with 'Ubuntu' system - I connected it to the cable upstairs and it worked immediately. Struggling now with the 3 broadband dongle - when I installed it on the WIndows powered 1501 laptop you plug the dongle in and it tells you what to do and away...
  8. Chat/Discussion
    anyone on it as i am through virgin and just recent it drop out all the time ie pages don`t load and same on my xbox360 now i`m on a netgear router and is it that or just bt crap lines ,anyone else get this
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    For less than I'm paying for their 20mb! :D Yesterday I was browsing their website reading about their new 50mb Broadband, I thought, I fancy some of that! It normally costs £50 a month if you just have the broadband on it's own but they have a deal up where if you have their Phone Line aswell...
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    Does anyone else constantly struggle with the connection? The telephone and TV work ok apart from the on-demand services and the broadband is down an awful lot and its very frustrating ...... or is it just me? Am currently using someone elses connection cus I cant get on the one Im paying for...
  11. Chat/Discussion
    is the us robotics 9106 adsl2 compatible ? compatible ? im trying to find the answer for my cousin thats broad bands gone down but i dont really understand the question many thanks d
  12. Chat/Discussion
    I just want to see if anyone else has this problem or if anyone has any suggestions before I ring them up. :) I recently upgraded to the L broadband which is supposed to be up to 10mb but i'm getting about 1mb on broadband speed tests. I used to be on the 2mb package so could they have...
1-12 of 12 Results