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  1. Chat/Discussion
    Driving me a bit nuts! Just finishing up my engine build required new rear tin, ordered and sent out the wrong piece. Quickly corrected with a short phone call. Received the second time and it ms exactly the same as the first piece...still wrong. Called today and they confirmed they can't...
  2. Business Recommendations
    Think they go to some of the shows, I need a new engine for my bug, nothing special just something standard! Thanks
  3. JG54 Cal-Look/Performance/Racing Forum
    So my crankcase is now on the way out with extremely excessive end float, leaks in various places, and bodged oversize head studs, its ugly. I'm debating which route I should take with currently about £1000 to spend, but I can borrow a small amount. Here are my options: Keep my 1600 barrels &...
  4. Chat/Discussion
    It's at least 3 days since I saw a garage build thread so I thought I'd start a new one :D I'm planning on buying a small plot of land at the back of my house from the council and building a garage on it. I'll get the dimensions of the plot tomorrow - but it's that same width as the terraced...
  5. Readers Rides
    I guess I'll start with the bug's back story. Around 13 years ago my mother wanted a beetle, my dad being an engineer in the navy at the time with a big interest in cars took on the task of restoring one for her. He picked up a rotten example for £250 drove it home and began working on it. With...
  6. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Just looking for a little advice as I was given a 1300 as41 case a while ago and have been saving up parts to make it in to a 2110, I was originally going to make it in to a 1600 with a bit more grunt but since I found out I needed to replace the crank and acquired some heads that are cut for...
  7. Chat/Discussion
    Right... So I bought a Shuttle PC case with Ram & Processor 512 meg ram, P4 2.8 also has a dvd rewriter installed. I then got a 500gb SATA hard drive. I then purchased a LEGAL copy of XP Home. But can I get the fucker to even recognise the DVD Drive? Can I bollocks! I'm guessing it is a...
  8. Readers Rides
    I know its only a model but it's the closest i'll probably ever get to owning one. :( 1:9 scale Revell kit. Engine built up and painted. Looks like a post '62 unit to me not the correct 40's style unit but ho hum. Am i just being picky?
1-8 of 8 Results