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    So I'm looking around for a Beetle cabriolet and am wondering which way to go? (There was a really nice black late-ish one for sale back end of last year abar £8k and man I wish I'd just risked a massive barnie with the missus and bought it). It has to be a RHD Karmann. Be nice if it was...
  2. Watercooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi everyone! I've been looking at buying a VW MK1 Cabriolet for a few years now. I am now in a position where this can become a reality! WOOOOOOOO!! I’ve seen a Clipper in my price range where the body seems quite nice – probably needs a respray in a couple of years, the roof is immaculate but...
  3. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Hi I have a Pioneer Deh-50ub head unit fitted in my '77 cabriolet along with 2x enclosed 6x9's under the parcel shelf and 2x 10cm speakers in the door cards. Question is i'd like a little more bass as when the roof is down the bottom end tends to disappear (obvious really) - what I'd like is...
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    Calling all 1302/03 Cabrio's. Just seen Hussein Omer's '73 1303 in Volksworld. Wow. It just goes to show even fat chicks can look good. O.k. so it had over 30K spent on it which will always be out of reach for most of us but let's see all of your pride and joys out there on here. Post pics...
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    :) My son picked this up dead cheap as the cam belt was snapped - took a chance - worst case scenario would be replacement engine... best case - new belt and four plugs etc £60. Its mintball too ;) I'll be borrowing it when its sunny ;)
  6. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    anyone know how too replace the inner padding on a 1972 beetle cabriolet hood?? (curved screen) my hood is in good condition, (headlining / outside good, and hood fits well!) but when its folded back the padding is torn and you can see old yellow foam, makes the whole thing look scruffy and...
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    As some of you will know I have sold the 411 and after a Golf. I have found a Mk1 cabrio with full service history, bill of sale etc for £1500 ono. What I am unsure about is whether or not its cool for a bloke to drive or not. (not meaning to sound sexist, just after opinions:D) Cheers:cool: