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  1. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Type 4 aircooled camper engine {ca code} Had been taken apart with the intention of rebuilding to put back in camper. Bought all parts required for rebuild then decided to go with 1600 engine instead. Around £500 of parts bought for the engine, seals, new valves where required, all new valve...
  2. Items For Sale - AUTO
    fully rebuilt 1500 sp engine new big end bearings new mains new cam bearings new pushrod tubes new seals new plugs new leads valves have been re ground tin wear re painted in 2 pack black 100% A1 engine will need running in £700 ono ill post some pics asap thanks Phil
  3. Items Wanted - AUTO
    We have been told that our Bay's engine only has a few months to live. We were planning on upgrading, but not this soon! If anyone is selling a 1641cc Turnkey (or nearly Turnkey) we would be VERY interested! Thanks Lara
1-3 of 3 Results