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    Gotta decorate out aisle at work for the Olympic's and the country we have been given is Canada. We have limited funds but it's a competition so wanna win ! Any ideas ???
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    ...any tips I should know in advance from you seasoned travellers? Going out there mid-March. Calgary area initially, then over to nearer Montreal. Mostly working, so not after a huge list of places to visit, just some insider advice on the nuances of Canada please. Ta in advance. :)
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    Yay! I'm here. Got to Canada last night and am currently sitting in my sister apartment in my jim jams while she is at work. I have been left with instructions on how to use the hot water, a kettle, fridge, TV and most of all the internet. I was awake at 2.45am which was 9.45am in england i...
1-3 of 3 Results