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  1. Chat/Discussion
    I know there was another thread like this but I couldn't find it! We made these this afternoon.... I particularly like Jack, for one reason..... The angel could have been better tho.
  2. Chat/Discussion
    Its Halloween (pretty much) Mrs 02 has carved one out in readiness for the kiddies coming around this week :) Go on then - what's yours looking like ?? :)
  3. Chat/Discussion
    Our first few... The first two are my kids ones and are pokemon, the one on the left is a ghost pokemon... the ghost was done by my wife. I still haven't done mine.
  4. Chat/Discussion
    ..will be staying at mothers over halloween and the 'ooh arent i amazing' brother in law will be doing the usual amazing pumpkin creation. i wanna give him a run for his money this year. anyone got any tips, websites, stencils? pix of your pumpkin carvings would be cool to see too... beyond...
1-5 of 5 Results