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  1. Items For Sale - AUTO
    A complete set of 2 x Chrome Door Handles + Rear hatch lock + Ignition + 2 keys. Taken off a european 67 Bug, so all original German OEM --- all in good working order.;) Asking £190
  2. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Used Early Beetle interior cab door handle - £10 Stamped part number VW 111 118 837 225 A Chrome in good daily user condition, some light surface patina/marks that might polish up nicely if you were concerned by such things? pics at… https://www.vdubxs.com/sale/
  3. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Hi, Here I have for sale my brand new ssp wheels 4.5" fronts 5.5" rear These were going on my 69 bug so have the Porsche pattern drums to go with. These have been painted silver. I also have the hand painted centre caps. This little lot cost me around £900 so offers around that please...
  4. Items For Sale - AUTO
    set of of four 14" beauty rings in decent usable condition - £50 I have a set of of four 14" chrome beauty rings in decent usable condition. No rust and all the clips are in good condition. One ring has some minor chrome pitting on the surface that I'm fairly sure some chrome cleaner action...
  5. Items For Sale - AUTO
    FOR SALE: Due to a wheel upgrade I have the following up for grabs: 5 x 15 inch steel wheels with chrome finish. They aren't in the best of conditions with a fair amount of pitting (see close up pic) but I think with a little elbow grease they could be quite nice and shiny. The 4 main wheels...
  6. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    So, I bought a old pair of Riviera rocket alloys on evilbay a while ago. They were seriously cheap so I decided to have a punt and get them diamond cut and repainted. Turns out they're oxidised to fuck and none of the outer edge can be cut! So, what's the general consensus on chrome/ nickle...
  7. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Hi, yes I just need the trim for the windscreen for my '66 bug, as it's missing. Has anyone got one, or know where to buy them individually, as I don't want to buy a set. Thanks!
  8. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Got beetle front blade bumper in shed, previous owner painted it, with what looks like red enamel and then grey paint...I want to remove this and see chrome underneath..tried all sorts, even oven cleaner but nothing is shifting it as fast as I want it to..anyone suggest something more hardcore...
  9. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Where can I buy good quality chrome mirrors from (for late classic Beetle)? I bought some 'best quality' parts from VWHeritage but in my opinion they were very lightweight and flimsy. Returned one within months as it would not remain in the set position and eventually broke after I kept nipping...
  10. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Two side and one rear view mirror to fit a US Style windscreen. The rear view is still boxed, the side mirrors are as good as new. Cast aluminium with a chrome finish. E-mail me for a photo - [email protected] £165 inc postage. Adam.
  11. Chat/Discussion
    So, I'm having some paintwork done, and need the window seals replacing. My garage tells me chrome trims are much more fiddly to fit and expensive... anyone's suggestions what I go for?
  12. Items For Sale - AUTO
    I have for sale a beetle stainless steel louvred fire wall. It skill has the laser film on the front so will be nice and shiny. I would like £25 for it collected. Near Wisbech Cambridgeshire. Here is a very quick iPhone pic. If you would like more please ask...
  13. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Hi Everyone, I am selling on Ebay or can do a private sale here if required a brand new NOS Swan neck Chrome wing mirror. I bought this about two years ago when I had a Karmann Ghia but never got round to fitting it. Since getting rid of the Karmann I am now selling it as I have no need for it...
  14. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Anyone know if there are any UK companies selling them? specifically the chromed ones not just the polished ones... or is it a case of getting them sent over from the states? heard a rumor that numbers might be limited now and that they're not gonna be in production for much longer? or...
  15. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Any tips on the best way to keep chrome nice and shiny??? I've always covered mine with a layer of oil and left to dry/soak in - doesn't leave it with a shiny finish. Read a few suggestions including cleaning with petrol then adding a layer of black boot polish!?!?!?! :crazy...
  16. Items Wanted - AUTO
    I am in the process of restoring my MKII Golf, some fool :mad: sprayed the badges silver! I am desperate to find chrome replacements, any help ? :(
  17. Items Wanted - AUTO
    Wanted: Nice chrome early bay badge w fixing tabs.
  18. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Absolutely Loads of VW Beetle parts/accessories! 1) Underfelt, for carpets, 8 pc requires customer to cut. Part No. 113-898-001/UNDER - £25 2) Bumper iron, rear, left,67-73 Europa Bumper. Part No. 113-707-333/A / - £15 3) Bumper iron, front, right 68> Europa bumper. Part No. 113-707-134/...
  19. Chat/Discussion
    I want to make Firefox look and 'feel' like Google chrome. What I really want is to recreate the way in Chrome, you can have a few bookmarked web pages in the 'Bookmarks Bar' Can I get this as an add-on in Firefox? I know the most obvious solution would be to use Chrome, but I did for a few...
  20. Items For Sale - AUTO
    Ghia/T1/T3 Jack, original Gold & German Heavy Duty Running boards both brand new! Some Brand new parts for sale!:) Pair of Running Boards, German, Heavy Duty - £100 for the pair Jack, Gold upright type, T1 / T3 / Ghia only - £40 £120 for both ;) These are currently on Ebay, links to...
1-20 of 30 Results