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    ...IMO :D I have one . . . it's the ULTIMATE 'family' vehicle IMO . . . PERFECT for footie trips and the like . . . Even 'big units'. :D With 7 leather seats . . . TWO separate DVD players (with infra-red headphones that one can choose a channel) means 1 film in the rear, a different...
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    The Mission: Midwestern uncles expose their So-Cal nephews to the natural wonders of whitewater rafting and camping amidst the bugs and bears. The Machine: The obvious eco-sensitive option for five folks on such a mission is a minivan, and Volkswagen has the latest entry in the segment, with its...
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    Whilst the bus is off the road this winter i'm thinking of buying a new Daily - plus a 160 mile round trip to work is too much for my ratty Passat. PT Cruisers are cheap second hand and, I personally quite like the look of 'em! Fully loaded, they seem to be reliable and plenty of room for my...
1-3 of 3 Results