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  1. Show Scene
    I spent the weekend camping at a classic car show in Horst, Netherlands. Here are some photos, a video will be made later this week. The Polo was the best car in the show. DSC_0032 by Andy, on Flickr DSC_0033 by Andy, on Flickr DSC_0035 by Andy, on Flickr DSC_0038 by Andy, on Flickr DSC_0039 by...
  2. Frost Auto Restoration Techniques
    Spot Welds with a MIG Welder? Factory Quality and Super Easy! (Words and Photos: By JamesR, Eastwood.com, September 2015) If you're going for that factory original look but need to replace panels with stamped new ones you'll need to recreate the spot welds. Simple enough if you have a...
  3. VZi Yellow Pages
    Hi all, we're Aircooled Auctions a new website dedicated to classic VW auctions. It's run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts! We're doing our best to get the site full of vehicle and parts listings and want to encourage you to get listing and share our site. If you have any ideas on how to...
  4. Vehicles For Sale
    HI, Im new to this but I'm selling a silver Golf 1.8 Gti Golf Cab'. Its been ours for about 2 years and as we're getting married, we need to sell "Sharon" on....£2000 or near offer Its got tax until end of July, MOT until Feb, new roof, new gear box, new clutch, all recipts and service...
  5. Chat/Discussion
    Photos taken by Westy77 on my camera. We were fashionably late for both shows so not that many photos. :o:) Mmmmm Audi Herbie! Wish I'd been brave enough and sat in him at Volksworld.
1-5 of 5 Results