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  1. Engineering Tech
    Hi, Recently I purchased a 150 litre 11 bar compressor. A colleague said I should get the unit inspected, and pointed me to this site http://www.vulcaninspectionservices.co.uk/faqs.html . Is this a necessity? Surely not a law! What's the deal here? Thanks!
  2. Aircooled Mechanical Tech
    Afternoon all, Just looking at the options for prepping my Ghia's body for metal work. Looking at sandblaster set ups, they tend to state that you need at least a 3HP motor on the compressor. Is this just for if you need continuous use? Could you get away with smaller? Surely the air is taken...
  3. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    compressor for sale diesel 120cfm (thats about 1200% more than ya home jobbie 3hp ideal for sand / media blasting will be up for sale from next week tow behind ya transit van one old an tatty but works a treat jay 07823 44 64 61 price will be £225 look on ebay ya wont find on less than 300
  4. Items Wanted - NON AUTO
    Hello, After something reasonably big that will run air tools, and is single phase in London/Surrey. Thanks
  5. Offers
    I think this is still going, I saw it in 'Jaguar Enthusiast' 2.5 hp 230V motor from 13A supply Produces 9.5cfm of air displacement MWP 116psi (8bar) Fitted with two air outlets 24litre tank adjustable outlet pressure powers all air tools FREE ACCESORIES Gravity feed paint gun Tyre inflator...
  6. Items For Sale - NON AUTO
    Two compressors for sale. Thought I'd post these here before resorting to ebay. I'm clearing the garage of a recently departed family friend. He'd been accumulating tools to restore his classic bikes during his impending retirement. Sadly he didn't get the chance. :( So, there are two almost...
1-6 of 6 Results