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    are projectors any good for gaming ,which is best lcd or led? dont wanna spend more than around "£250 any recommendations.
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    Off to the Falklands for 4 months next week, need some entertainment, got a 500 gig external HD and want to chuck a load of DVDs onto it to save having to lug the discs about, just wondering the quickest/easiest wat to do it?
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    Can anyone tell me why my router is blocking Photobucket and ebay? It has been intermittent over the last week or two but a reset would usually fix it. Now it's no go at all. I have tried on XP, Windows7 (IE and Firefox) and the Mac so definitely router/modem/something else. I have recently...
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    hope someone can help here as im getting more and more frustrated with this and also the fact I just dont know whats wrong or how to fix it. my main computer has been very slow loading the internet for a while now, we have the mid sky broadband and up until a few days ago have used the laptop...
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    Is it just me that this version keeps falling over on several times a day?
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    Anyone had/have these? I am looking at building a new pc but after previously installing xp sp 3 i was unimpressed with numerous things including its slowness. I am thinking of Vista but i know nothing about it and whats left of my net capabilities won't let me view pages with info that i...
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    anyone on it as i am through virgin and just recent it drop out all the time ie pages don`t load and same on my xbox360 now i`m on a netgear router and is it that or just bt crap lines ,anyone else get this
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    Just wondering who has a laptop, and what should I be looking to get. I'm now in a position where I need one for my work. I'm after something that can store loads of 'massive' images and capable of running a decent photo editing suite without crapping out on me... Does this sound about right...
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    Right... So I bought a Shuttle PC case with Ram & Processor 512 meg ram, P4 2.8 also has a dvd rewriter installed. I then got a 500gb SATA hard drive. I then purchased a LEGAL copy of XP Home. But can I get the fucker to even recognise the DVD Drive? Can I bollocks! I'm guessing it is a...
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    I have virgin broadband on a whopping 2meg. well, apparently. i also have a netgear wireless router. lately we've been having intermittant problems with the connection. my dad pointed it out at first but he is known for pressing things and pressing the wrong things and accidentally...
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    How can I see who's using my wireless connection and cut them off if they're not supposed to be on it? Thanks
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    yet again it has a life of its own! my keyboard isnt working, im having to use the on screen one. all my keys are frozen. at first the light under f11 was lit up but has turned off since the lappy was restarted. any ideas how to get the keys working again? ta :)
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    Only happens on eBay. As soon as I log onto the site everything grinds to a halt!!!
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    i can only see how to burn it?
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    Just loaded it onto an old NC6000 with 512 of ram, 18 minutes to install and everything works. :D
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    Here's the scenario .... My lad uses one of my old laptops for homework The screen is screwed (big craked screen) so we plug it into the LCD TV via the D-plug and until now, it's worked fine Now, you switch the laptop on, it boots up. The LCD shows the boot up and the XP sign comes up with the...
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    i had a trojan on my pc and it was locking up straight after logon. so i decided to reinstall vista. i put the cd in and followed the steps, but for some reason it partitioned my c drive and created a second version.so now i have to versions of vista on one pc. i then tried to delete the...
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    OK - I last build my PC about 5 yrs ago - used an AMD next one up from Socket A [754?] anyhoo thought I'd build a newer one being as this one is getting abit slow and I can't put more than 2 gb on this m/board. So went to usual suspect aria and ebuyer to have a nose... wtf!! so do I want a...
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    I've got loads of home movies on my DVD camcorder that when I download onto my PC are stored as a .VOB file. This VOB format doesn't seam to be liked by many media players, Youtube, photobucket etc and I want to convert them to MPEG, AVI etc for easier distribution. Does anyone have any free...
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    Does anyone have a decent windows XP registry repair program or recommend one to me that I can download please?
1-20 of 52 Results