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  1. Vehicles For Sale
    *** WITHDRAWN *** Sorry for any disappointment but it's going back to it's original home. Take a 1300cc torsion bar Beetle. Throw away the bodyshell. Bolt two tin enamel bathtubs to the floorpan. Tweak the pedals assembly & gear-shift linkage. Drive it. I've known this, erm, vehicle for what...
  2. Chat/Discussion
    [/IMG] Absolute Nuts! :D Heres the full story- from Piston Heads So, what ya' think?
  3. Readers Rides
    After scouring this country, Brazil, and even Poland for my next project. I finally found this bus in my home town. Unfortunately the roof gutter had completely rotted away in places. plus i didnt want a pop top. So i lobbed it off.... New roof on courtesy of FBIVW. Next Task.... SLAM IT...
1-3 of 3 Results